What is Hiding on the Bottom of Our Shoes and Getting into Our Homes?

What is Hiding on the Bottom of Our Shoes and Getting into Our Homes?

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Are you aware of the dangers you enter into your home with your shoes?

The Japanese have a tradition of leaving shoes in front of the door. It’s not a question of religious ritual or hollow superstition. In Japan, people sleep on the tatami, and dining tables are practically on the floor. The ground of your house is an area that needs to be kept clean, especially if your little kids are walking around. You cannot even imagine how much dirt is bought on shoes and place directly from the street into the house. Western culture does not care about the practice of taking off shoes in front of the entrance, and can this have more severe consequences? Well, if you’ve taught your kids to wash hands several times a day, you should know it’s time to buy some slippers for the guest, but especially for family members.

Think about the health of your family and pets

Let’s start from the less dangerous. Walking on the streets, you will apply not only dust and some mud on your shoes but also a certain amount of rotten leaves. The leaves may seem harmless, but it is the best basis for the bacteria development. The decomposition lasts for weeks, which means that a dangerous, long-lasting bacteria can live at the bottom of your shoe for a very long time! Besides, there is also a bird and dog excrement, organic waste, trash, toxins, and other harmful substances.

Pets that recived vaccine are not protected, and if they almost never go out and you take a lot of care for their hygiene. Unfortunately, many animals have become infected, even poisoned with substances found on shoes indoor.

Over 40% of the sample from the laboratory in Huston found a very dangerous bacterium Clostridium difficile or C.diff, a nasty organism that is quickly and easily spread around, from the shoe to the carpet, but also the toilet, the kitchen, and it can live very long in dry conditions. Attacks lungs and, worst of all, it is resistant to most antibiotics, and it’s hard to treat it.

One prudent research conducted in Arizona showed that over 420,000 different components can be found on the bottom of the shoes, many of which are harmful to people’s health. Scientists classified them into 9 categories, depending on whether they are attacking the lungs, eyes or stomach. Two of them should be explicitly mentioned.

Escherichia Coli is the most disadvantaged. Makes a third. In most cases it is harmless, causing less inconvenience, nausea, diarrhea. However, there are generalized forms of Escherichia mutation with tragic circumstances. E. coli becomes antibiotic-resistant and leads to serious health complications.

If you just imagine the amount entered on shoes, for example, in your office, do you feel uncomfortable when you need to go to the shared toilet?

Klebsiella pneumoniae is, unfortunately, a bacterium that attacks the lungs and causes pneumonia. In almost half of the cases, these horrifying bacteria leads to death, even absolute death with people who are fighting alcoholism. It is at the bottom of our shoes, for real.

It’s time for cozy slippers and more vacuuming

We should not take for granted the danger of dirty shoes and threats that we bring to our clean and carefree homes. You don’t need to keep everything sterile clean – a certain amount of dirt and bacteria strengthen the immunity of our children’s body, ours and our pets. However, consider building a new habit – taking off the shoes after arrival at home and wearing comfortable, warm slippers. You will significantly improve the health conditions in your home, it will be more relaxed and cozy.

Guests do not have to taking their shoes but still vacuum the floors more often. If possible, reduce the surface covered with carpets, because the marble or wooden floors are easy to wipe and disinfect.

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