Hormone Therapy of Tibetan Monks: It Takes only five minutes for those Gymnastics to Do Miracles

Hormone Therapy of Tibetan Monks: It Takes only five minutes for those Gymnastics to Do Miracles

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The Tibetan monks practice hormonal gymnastics in one of the Tibetan temples. It takes only 5 minutes, and it supports all the endocrine glands that produce hormones in the way like you have 25-30 years of age. Those gymnastics is very light, and you can do it in bed right after awakening, preferably early in the morning. The exercise applies to all ages. For rejuvenation!

Rubbing your hands

Rub the palms for a few seconds until they become hot. At the same time check your biofield. If it’s hot, then the energy is all right if it’s warm, the biofield energy is reduced, if the hands are cold and damp, then there is a severe disorder of the body. But no matter what, do these gymnastics because it will help you get rid of all the complications and diseases.

Press eyeballs

Put your hot palms on your eyeballs. Push the pace – 1 pressure in 1 second, 30 times. Keep your hands on the pads and hold for 30 seconds. If you have a terrible vision, then keep your palms up to 2 minutes. At that moment, the food is in the eyeballs from all the receptors that are nearby. Slow eyesight can be repaired if you are regular and persistent. In addition to the eyes, the natural hair color can be restored.

“Pump” your ears

Put your palm on your ears and press 30 times in 30 seconds. If it hurts very fast, then there is a chronic illness. Symptoms may occur, mainly if they are related to the ears. Do not interrupt. Continue pressing “gentle” until the pain passes. If it is a chronic inflammation of the ears, it will move over time. It can also improve hearing. If you persist for 6 months, chronic illness will pass. For the healing of serious problems, it takes a long time, up to 2 years.

Tightening of the face

Put your finger behind your ear, squeeze your hands in the fist and start tying your face from chin to ear. Firmly pressing the face and massage. Also, do it 30 times. After this exercise, the blood flow to your face, and your face may swell. Improves lymph flow, skin tightens.

Facial massage

Right palm on the forehead, left palm on the right. Scroll from left to right, 30 moves. You will activate your pituitary gland and improve your sinus function.

Massage the head

This exercise works on the paralytic part of the head. Go with your hands above your head. Make the ring from the arm (left palm on the right) and fly over the head back and forth 30 times, and then left-right from one ear to the other 30 times. You should raise your head a little. This exercise normalizes the pressure, both high and low. It improves the mobility of the shoulder joints. The muscles of the arm are firmly fixed. Over time, pain in hands is gone. And if you have not been able to raise your hands before, you will soon be able to quickly.

Thyroid massage

Put your right hand on the thyroid gland, the left hand to the right. 30 times with your left hand, make the half-shell from the throat to the end of your stomach, as if you massage power centers 30 times. Finally, put your left hand to the right and hold for a few seconds.

Stomach massage

Put your hands on your stomach. Right down, left side, massage your abdomen clockwise, 30 times. You will normalize the work of the abdominal organs and also will stop constipation.

Foot rubbing

Put your foot on your foot and massage every foot. Pay attention to the feeling, and there are painful dots. If so, massage them more. Pay particular attention to the center of the foot, 30 seconds.

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