Hot or Cold? Which Shower Is Better for Health?

Hot or Cold? Which Shower Is Better for Health?

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Nothing feels better than the refreshing morning shower. Likewise, after a long and stressful day, only a warm bath can handle all the worries and put us on sleep. And which of these two options is recommended for our health? Russian supermodels have porcelain skin, and they are showering exclusively with ice water. On the other hand, we grew up in some more coziest conditions, quite sensitive and easy to get cold. The truth is, both methods have some good and bad sides and purpose. What you should know:

5 reasons for taking a cold shower

If you’re brave enough to jump out of the warm bed in the morning and jump in the cold shower, here are some reasons why it’s actually good:

  1. Cold shower reduces skin itching. Especially in people with sensitive and dry skin, in the winter period. This way you can reduce the irritation and stop scratching.
  2. The instant stimulation under cold water arises as a shock. In this case, more oxygen is added, heart rate is stronger, circulation better. A better circulation will allow the body to get its perfect body temperature in record time, to wake up the limbs and be ready for a new day.
  3. Cold water has a reliving result after a strenuous workout. It helps your muscles recover quickly.
  4. The cold shower makes skin and hair silky and beautiful. Due to improved circulation with bathing in cold water, the skin becomes soft and smooth.
  5. You can burn calories. It is known that exposure to cold conditions burns fat in the body. A certain quantity can be used while staying under the shower.

5 reasons for taking a hot shower

Traditionally, hot water and steam are used as treatments for relaxation and therapy, since the Roman time. Turkish baths, Scandinavian saunas, all include -hot water. Here are the benefits of hot water showering:

  1. A hot shower will relieve the symptoms of cold and help you to open the airways. Each of us at the first indications of a cold or after a freezing winter day knows that the only recovery will be a warm drink and a hot shower.
  2. The showering opens the pores on the skin and assists to be clean. This is an excellent treatment for those who have problems with the blemishes. After a hot bath, the skin is ready to be treated with adequate lotion or cream.
  3. Relieving stress and better sleep. The warm water is stunning, indeed. It will make nervousness disappear, relax and go to sleep more peaceful.
  4. Relax the muscles. Indeed, getting rid of stress means that the body will relax and give you some recreation.
  5. Reduces pains with cramps. When you have abdominal pain, take a bottle with warm water and put it on your stomach. There is the same effect with a hot shower. What we always thought was wrong, and that’s hot bath during the period, can actually help.

Two best solutions

So, a cold shower may not be recommended if you are sick or sensitive to low temperatures, as well with people who have immunity problems. On the other hand, hot water drains the skin, makes it less elastic, irritated, and can lead to the appearance of an enzyme. Then, what’s the right temperature for bathing water?

First, lukewarm water. Adjust your conditions and water to the shower, simply. Lukewarm water is pleasant, and there are no unhealthy effects on health.

The second one, try the cold-warm method. Turn on the colder water as you can, and try to hold one minute, and then switch to the hot. This method of a switch, for many doctors, is a fantastic therapy for the blood vessels, immune system, muscle recovery, and to detox the organism.

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