How to hydrate the skin? A couple of good tips against dry skin

How to hydrate the skin? A couple of good tips against dry skin

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Summer or winter, your skin needs an attention

Women are often too concerned with their makeup, nails, and hairstyle, but it is too bad that we neglect taking care and hydrate of our skin. It is less demanding than finding perfect makeup style so why not give it a thought!

Most of us hate winter for being so cruel towards our hair and skin, but taking care of it doesn’t depend on any season. The sun, wind and even air-conditioners can harm it as even as the winter itself.

Wearing sandals seems rather enticing, but sleek feet and skin appear to be more attractive!

So, follow these super simple tips to hydrate your skin for the whole year:

-Do not have a shower or bathe in cold water for it will only contribute your skin to get drier, but instead, choose warm water

-You can use baby oils while showering, because it doesn’t wash away, or apply and massage it into your skin but before you dry

-After having a shower or bathing, you shouldn’t use the towel but rather wear bathrobe on damp skin and wait until your body absorbs as much water as it can for it will contribute more to skin to stay hydrated

– Now that the surface is moisturized enough, and not completely dry, apply the body lotion or oil. But, if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to wait for skin to absorb the water by itself, gently dry your skin with the towel without rubbing it hard and put your favorite body oil. The secret is to use baby oils on wet skin to preserve the moisture longer!

-Use moisturizing body lotions and creams after every showering, for it will provide your skin the necessary nourishing for more extended periods.

 Think of your skin because our body reflects our care of it

To provide your skin with the adequate hydration don’t be afraid to use as much oil as you can, especially in hot weather and when you are on the beach because your skin is prone to get burnt quickly. So, it is essential to provide your skin with total protection especially while getting tanned and being directly exposed to the sun and some other detrimental factors

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