How to Prevent Smile Lines but to Keep on Smiling?

How to Prevent Smile Lines but to Keep on Smiling?

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Smile Lines

Do you belong to those people who are deadly serious in all of their photos just to see their face as beautiful as possible?  Smile lines. Each gesture, mimic or smile, make small wrinkled lines around your eyes and lips to show up and make you look older. Still, you are a cheerful and confident person, that not caring such the amount of seriousness with your character, but how to get rid of these traces of aging from the face?

Genetics, stress or insufficient attention to skincare?

The skin in the eye and lips area is fragile, and first wrinkles occur here due to a decrease in the collagen production. However, even if we call them smile lines, these tiny wrinkles do not arise only from facial gestures. They can be caused by genetics, dehydration of the skin, or excessive exposure to the sun.

You need to know how to properly nourish the face skin, products you should use so that the smile lines are less expressed on your face. To avoid plastic surgery, botox and harmfull filets, turn to natural ways of skincare.

Essential rules for reducing smile lines

Facial care is the basis. Regular cleaning of the pores, makeup removal before sleeping and the right product for night and daycare are necessary for a healthy face skin and the disappearance of smile lines. Always pay attention to the type of skin and buy only the verified and correct cosmetic products. Choose products on a herbal basis, possibly organic, which contain as little chemicals as possible.

Anti-wrinkle cream can be a useful ally in the fight against smile lines. Many people are starting to use these creams only when the first ripe wrinkles appear on the face. They need to be overhauled. That’s why cosmetics companies offer anti-wrinkle products with labels +30, +40 and so on because it is necessary to give the essential preventive care, while smile lines are still in the process of formation.

Pay particular attention to the care of the area around eyes and lips, because this is part of the face where more likely, smile lines will appear even in youth. Buy serum or cream made for smile lines, unrelated to the anti-wrinkle cream you are using.

Drinking alcohol accelerates skin aging, just like nicotine from cigarettes. People who are prone to alcoholism and active smokers will soon get smile lines and more severe skin aging, than people who do not have these bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine directly affect the skin’s elasticity, a breakdown of collagen, poor circulation. These are not the only habits that affect aging, and the creation of smile lines, but also fatty foods, excess sugar, stress, or drug abuse.

Do not get too much sun without protection. Sun exposure and darker tan have always been the cause of smile lines, but today this problem is even more alarming, given that the sun’s rays are becoming more intricate and that, in addition to wrinkles and aging, they can cause severe damage and even skin cancer. When you expose your face to the sun, make sure you apply a protective factor. Or protect your face with a hat and sunglasses.

Keep on smiling

To summarize – it is essential to nourish the skin of the face properly. Care is half the health. Be aware, smile lines appear even with people in the early twenties, if they are genetically predisposed. Smile lines give your face a character and a specific dose of charm. It’s not the end of the world if it reveals your age. It is crucial that you know how good they look on you and to be happy in your own skin.

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