How to Survive as The Only Vegan in The House?

How to Survive as The Only Vegan in The House?

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Vegans have lately become a viral subject of many jokes especially on social networks. The reason why?  The newly turned vegan often does not make a difference between the decision of life-changing and obsession. Like any other enthusiasts, vegans can “drown” you with their stories, promotion of vegan life values, and often accusations when it comes to those who have not yet “turned.” However, if we ignore the humor and a little bit of sarcasm that cannot be harmful, becoming a vegan is a big life decision. It is an even more difficult if you are the only person in the environment who has chosen this kind of diet. For new members of the green ecosystem, it is indeed not comfortable to sit at a table with plenty of food. OK, you will easily handle the situation when you are in a restaurant or on the street, but how is it in your home with members of your own family? How to survive in such conditions, when you are the only vegan in the house?

Show an attitude, and expect compassion from your family

The reason why someone decides to become a vegan may be different. It is irrelevant whether you are the youngest member of the community, a mother or a child who is struggling with an overweight, this is your decision only. Nobody can bring it for you, nor anyone can resist it. The reason you become the first vegan in a family of meat lovers can be your sympathy with animals, the opinion that foods of animal origin are not necessary, even healthy, or just, you want to change the diet so you can stay fit and healthier. Bring your points of view to the closest family members without the intention of persuading anyone to pass on to your side. Simply, just ask for understanding and respecting your decision. Your social circles will adapt to your new habits.

Adjust the kitchen and dishes for everyone in the house

It’s likely that your mother will be nagging because she must cook separately for you, in addition to the primary concern that you will lose weight and damage your health. But the combination of food in the kitchen is unlimited. Each meal prepared in your house should contain a certain amount of vegetables. Separate the portion that will not be mixed with meat or dairy products. In this way, a similar meal will be served both the vegan and the rest of the family. In addition to the fact that you will get your desired dish, you may also be pushed out and extra vegetables for other members, and that is not bad at all.

Get involved in food preparation. On the Internet, you can find many exciting recipes for vegans that can turn attention to everyone. Make smoothies or ice cream, salad, hummus, as tasty as other meals on the table.

Be more flexible and cooperative

Okay, in your own home, you may end up as the only vegan, weird, green, peace-maker, or whatever your folks named you. But what about the Sunday lunch with Grandma? This may be the biggest challenge for a vegan. We all know that Granny is a person who expresses her love most willingly through food and to her, you are never weighted and healthy enough. Grandma will always give you another piece of meat, a few pies or her irresistible cookies. To announce to your dear grandmother you no will longer be going to eat her treats can lead to a galactic incident, you do not want to happen at all. Be a little more flexible. Okay, your attitudes are evident, but a bit of oil in a salad or a few parmesan crumbs will not kill you. The second trick is, try to make your dish, and bring it with you. Act proudly on your masterpiece, thrilled and meaningful until Grandma tastes your specialty. This is a clever diversion of events that, in addition to benefiting you, can refresh and enter the new stuff into family traditions.

At the end of the story, food is what often connects us. What does it mean to spend time with friends and family if you are always under stress and feel like an outsider, the black sheep of the family? First, you must accept your role as the only vegan in the house and be cool with it. The others will follow you, or they will just stop making fun of you, one day.

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