Hypochondriasis- 6 Signs That You Have Health Anxiety Disorder

Hypochondriasis- 6 Signs That You Have Health Anxiety Disorder

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Hypochondriacs are relatively easy to recognize- they always worry about getting sick, see symptoms of usually very serious illnesses even they are not there; when read or hear something about disease, they immediately “experience” the most common phantom symptoms of the same condition. Hypochondriacs are people who have hypochondria or hypochondriasis, and the new name, health anxiety disorder, explains what kind of illness is this. According to experts, those are similar to people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, except they are fixated on health-related concerns.  Mental health experts say that the problem may also be passed from parents to offspring and a cause can be an excessive use of the internet to look for health-related issues. Like any other mental illness, health anxiety disorder affects the individuals who have it, but also everything else in their lives- relationships, careers.

If you see some signs that suggest that you are overly concerned about your health, here are seven signs that can indicate to you whether your reaction is neurotic or not.

Constant Consideration of Symptoms

Hypochondriacs continuously think about their symptoms. When their friend has flu, it doesn’t pass much until they begin to feel “symptoms.” Every sensation in the body is catastrophic and treated as a sure sign of the disease. When they read about some disorders on the Internet, it is a matter of time when they will see some possible symptoms in themselves.

Assuming That You Have Some Serious Disease

For hypochondriacs, a dull headache can seem like a stroke or in other words, they tend to “make a mount out of a molehill.” So, keep in mind that human’s body is not running like a well-oiled machine all the time.

Non-Stop Talk About Health Issues

Hypochondriacs are continually talking about personal health- for instance, obsessive talk about new health symptoms or mysterious conditions with family, friends or coworkers. Their health may be the only thing they ever talk about because the fear is constant and all-consuming.

Frequent Visits to The Doctor

Another sign of hypochondriasis is the possession of medical waiting rooms and clinics. Hypochondriacs are often seen stepping foot inside medical facilities to get themselves checked because they’re assured that there is something so dangerous brewing inside their bodies. Also, this people habitually consult one doctor after the other thinking that the next ones would be able to find out what they’re really suffering from finally.

Social Isolation

Friends and family eventually will begin to draw attention to irrational behavior, and they may start to joke at the expense of hypochondriac, but also withdraw if they see that their interventions have no effect. If you notice that your friends or family are away from you, ask them what’s wrong. If you point out to this problem, consider who exaggerates – they or you?

Emotional Anxiety

All this care of health and seeking help from a friend or a doctor causes severe emotional anxiety, which can lead to the feeling of extreme stress, even depression. This is how a completely ironic thing happens – a man who is physically healthy, and a hypochondriac brings himself to a state of “illness,” or to an unhealthy state for something that is not real.

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