Ice Cream is Delicious, But Also Nutritious and Healthy

Ice Cream is Delicious, But Also Nutritious and Healthy

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Ice Cream

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular treats around the world. In the first warm days, with lots of sun and pleasant temperatures, it boxes are opened in the streets, although it is not necessarily connected with the summer season.

It is a cold, creamy dessert, made from dairy products and other supplements and aromas, kept frozen and eaten in various ways. Someone loves a stick, someone in a cone, while others love desserts containing ice cream – like cakes or pancakes.

Nutritional Composition of Ice Cream

This dessert varies in ingredients in different parts of the world and is often mixed with sorbets or frozen yogurt. When we say it, we mean frozen desserts from milk containing sugar, aromas and many additives. Basically, the biggest share in ice cream is saturated fats and sugars, which does not represent a particularly healthy food.

However, we can not treat it as entirely unhealthy food. The nutritional value depends heavily on the type of ice cream, flavor, and supplements.

Does The Ice Cream Contain Vitamins and Minerals?

Since its base is a milk product, ice cream contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, but also iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and selenium can be found in it.

As for vitamins, it is not known as a good source of these nutrients, but a lower concentration can be found in them, like some vitamin B groups, but also riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin.

Caloric value is undoubtedly something that worries responsible gourmets and lovers of this irresistible ice sweep. It is caloric, and the specific number depends on the type.

Ice cream with additives such as biscuits, dried fruit, chocolate, with dressings and whipped cream – varieties go on indefinitely, and calorie values ​​jump depending on the additives.

Is Ice Cream Healthy?

Except for enjoying its taste, moderate consumption of ice cream can be beneficial. In some situations, this frosty dessert is highly recommended.

Boost your mood. Sweets raise the level of serotonin and uplift the mood, especially chocolate. You certainly know the feeling of satisfaction when you are eating ice cream. It’s a better choice than some other sweets since its composition also contains useful nutrients, it’s not just empty calories.

Vitamins and minerals. Although not specifically related to these nutrients, it actually contains useful amounts of vitamins A and B, which are essential for eye health, then vitamins E and C, which are necessary antioxidants. Since it is mainly made from milk, it is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, vital for the healthy development of bones.

Source of energy. As high-calorie food, it can be considered a high-energy sweet. Therefore, it is perfect as an energy supplement in a great effort, especially during heavy, hot summer days. Naturally, we need to take care of the amount of ice cream and activities, as the extra calories can be stored in the form of fat deposits.

Good for the inflamed throat. In spite of the stereotypical consumption of ice cream during hot days, it is actually desirable to eat during winter, precisely because the body is not experiencing a shock because of the temperature. Research has shown that it actually successfully destroys bacteria in the throat, prevents the spread of infection, helps with inflammation of the throat and colds.

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