Immunotherapy – Could T-Cells Cure Cancer?

Immunotherapy – Could T-Cells Cure Cancer?

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For the last few decades, immunotherapy was the field of ​​medicine in which a lot of effort and resources have been invested. Fortunate suggestions are that hard work was not useless. Cancer treatments are painful and risky process when the patient’s body is exposed to a large number of chemicals or radiation, with a purpose to destroy the malignant cells. Unfortunately, during this process, many good cells die, and the body is left weak, overflowing with toxins without a shield to defend itself. Imagine that the immune system identifies cancer cells and starts to treat them? The field of ​​immunotherapy is what is all about.

What are T- cells?

An immune or T-cell in a human organism have a job to scan the surface of each cell and identify the protein on it. T-cells then determine whether the scanned cell is normal or not. In other words, it finds neo-antigens with the duty of destroying them. This happens under normal conditions. In patients with cancer, T-cells are not often able to detect dangerous or wrong proteins and are not activated in the fight against corrupted cells.

Another problem is frequent, too. In the work of immune cells, there is often “interruption” or breaks when the body’s defense system practically blocks T cells to detect and destroy cancer.

Immunotherapy can improve T-cell function

Immunotherapy is a treatment in which donor healthy immune cells are used. They are planted for cancer cells with DNA mutations, and in this way, the immune system of the person practically trains to alert the organism and start defending against the disease. The whole point of immunotherapy is to increase the power of the immune system to find and begin to cure the disease, as well as to prevent these “interruptions” in the operation of the system.

Research of the Dutch Institute for Cancer and Universities in Oslo on the Field of Immunotherapy

Scientists with these two prestigious universities have come up with exciting and promising results in the ranking of immunotherapy.

Treatment of a cancerous cell of one patient can be more successful with the help of the immune cells of the other, which will more effectively mark the neo-antigens than the T cells of the host.

During the treatment, neo-antigens from three different cancer patients were put into the same ring with the T-cells of the treated subject. His immune army found itself confused by detecting suspicion without the possibility of assessing where to focus the defense. On the other hand, when cells of a healthy donor were put together with the mutated immune cells of the patient, the results were more than positive. The immune system of a patient suffering from cancer has begun to fight the neo-antigens.

A team of reliable experts has come to an incredible milestone since they have proven it is possible to train the immune system to fight cancer. However, this field of immunotherapy is underdeveloped, requires a lot of time and investment. It’s on the right path, which is the only important thing. Let’s just hope that in a couple of decades, people will start to wonder how we used to give poison to people, to cure cancer.


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