Why is Important to Keep Cells From Umbilical Cord

Why is Important to Keep Cells From Umbilical Cord

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Umbilical cord stem cells are taken at the moment after the cufflinks between mother and child. The body of the newborn abounds with valuable, potent, vital stem cells. For nine months, they were planning and building the body of a new human being. Later on, they help to maintain the mechanism of regeneration of the organism. At the time of birth, many of these precious cells are found in the umbilical cord blood, which the doctor holds in his hands after cutting. The application of stem cells has been in the expansion of the last five, six years, and currently, stem cells are the most researched term in medicine.

Stem cells are the basic cells of the human organism, all of which develop all the tissues. However, they have the ability to transform into specific tissues throughout their lives. This means they represent a kind of “reserve” for the repair of damaged tissues.

What does a child have if you save blood from the umbilical cord?

Blood from your cuff and your child’s baby is offered a new precaution. At present, therapy is under way to treat typical illnesses that come with years, such as infarction, stroke, atherosclerosis, or diabetes. If you save blood from your child’s umbilical cord, you will know that stem cells will be there when needed and that you will provide him with an open option of treatment – regardless of age.

Stem cells can also benefit parents and siblings

Matching tissue characteristics is essential. Similar is the case with organ donations. Only if the donor and recipient tissue characteristics coincide, after the transplant, there will not be a dangerous rejection of the graft. The likelihood that the umbilical cord blood will correspond with the parents is 50%. Definitely better chances of using a sample with a born brother or sister. There is a probability of compatibility up to 80%. In the case of application of the example for the family, Bio Save takes over the determination of the necessary HLA typing.

Taking blood from the umbilical cord isn’t complicated at all

On the contrary. The inflexible and straightforward method of getting blood from the umbilical cord makes such an interesting source of stem cells. When your child is born, and when the umbilical cord is cut, blood is taken from the umbilical cord that is still associated with the placenta. Your mother and child do not feel any of this.

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