Improve Your Memory With Several Techniques

Improve Your Memory With Several Techniques

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Do you belong to a group of people with lousy memory skills, who consistently lose their keys? Do you often forget about the meetings you have agreed? Do you happen to forget in the middle of a sentence what you wanted to say?

Social Games and New Informations are The Best Brain Exercises

An excellent and proven way to improve memory is to play social games like chess, sudoku, cards, dominoes and some video games available on the Internet. Even tackling broken words is proper mental training. All these games will make you move your mind and think ahead, regardless of age. Moreover, scientists argue that day-to-day memory improvement and high intelligence coefficient can prevent the development of mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Continuing psychological activity can also help combat dementia and other degenerative diseases by stimulating young brain cells and assisting the development of new nerve cerebral cells, reducing the risk of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Creating new synapses helps the data already in the memory to persist for a long time and become permanent. That’s why new information is best for brain exercises. The brain works on the principle of producing synaptic connections. Any new information the brain receives creates new synaptic links, the function of which is to store specific data. If some of the synaptic connections over time cancel, the brain will try to remember the same data through other synaptic links. It is important to remember that each data is memorized in different ways, and thus we create ancillary connections, which will help us to remember something and when the essential synaptic connection is scheduled.

Physical Activity and Proper Diet Improve Memory

It is also important that our physical fitness is good because the mental body can recognize the body as well as those physical, such as fatigue and drowsiness. The condition serves us so that the body can withstand all the efforts that are before it. If we care about our organism, we live and eat healthily, and therefore we contribute a lot to the health of the brain. The easiest way to improve memory is to provide the brain with all the necessary substances, essential for its proper functioning. Nutrients are essential to brain foods. Among others, there are fruits, vegetables, and fish, as they contain a significant amount of antioxidants. Such foods help protect the brain from the weakening of the memory function that comes to the aging of the body.

Rest Your Brain

Our brain is often in the situation of remembering tons of information and data, and with new data and impressions continually coming, it will need to rest, so we need to find some appropriate way and let it go. The human brain performs maximum capacity only in a short period of time, and then we must allow it to rest. It’s a mistake to learn a lot of things at once and sit for hours in front of a computer or over a book. Synaptic connections in the brain are not able to be fully active for so long. The memory capacity in such cases is continuously decreasing. If you record dates and times when you need to meet someone or complete some of your obligations, that means you are relieving the brain, which does not have to store this information somewhere in the active consciousness continually. In this way, you help the brain to remember some details, such as, for example, where you left the car keys yesterday. You can relax the mind by trying to understand the things to remember. Things we understand and which we consider logical, the brain will remember easier in less time.

Tricks and Strategies That Will Help You Overcome Moments When Brain Just Stops

Connect the memory to the environment.  “At the exam, I advise my students to imagine the place where something happened to make it easier to remember,” says Andrew Johnson, memory specialist and psychology lecturer at Bournemouth University.

Squeeze the fist. Research shows that when you squeeze the ball into your right hand and tighten it firmly actually easier to remember the phone numbers or shopping list. The researchers think these movements activate brain regions that are key to keeping and recalling memories,” says Dr. Johnson.

Learn something before bedtime. The best way to “consolidate memory” is to go through the information just before going to bed, Dr. Johnson explains, adding that it is good because it has fewer ‘new’ disturbing memories and will remember them the next day.

Drink more milk. Scientists asked 972 people to complete detailed nutrition surveys and to conduct eight rigorous tests to test concentration, memory and learning abilities. Adults who absorbed dairy products at least five or six times a week worked far better memory tests compared to those who rarely ate or drank milk products.

Do more exercises. Several studies have shown that aerobic exercises improve cognitive functions, and are particularly useful in enhancing memory. The exercise can also stimulate the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus – areas of the mind that are crucial for memory and learning.

Dance the salsa. Music lovers are better at cognitive tests, while research has shown the beneficial effects of music on those with Alzheimer’s disease – explains memory expert Dr. Chris Mulen. Music with steady rhythms, such as reggae and salsa, is best for memory and problem-solving.

Forget alcohol. It can help you fall asleep, but it has a detrimental effect on concentration and memory, researchers at the London Sleep Center say.

Speak out loud. This is the easiest of all methods to remember where you left the car keys or shopping list for the store, experts say. Studies have shown that all you want to remember speak out loud and that the effect is guaranteed.

Request a reply. If there is something you need to do every day at a particular time and often forget, the technique is called the implementation of an intent that is very simple.  For example, tell yourself “whenever I drink the first cup of tea in the morning, I will also take the pills.”

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