Increase Oxytocin in Natural Ways- Very Important Hormone Which Affects the Whole Body

Increase Oxytocin in Natural Ways- Very Important Hormone Which Affects the Whole Body

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Oxytocin represents a hormone that is lit in the specific part of the hypothalamus, where it is located in the back of the pituitary gland, from where it is released to fulfill its functions in the human body. Although oxytocin is synthesized in both sexes, it is much more critical for the functioning of the female organism. For this reason, women in the brain have multiple receptors for this hormone.

Did you know that the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is related to the molecule that our body produces – oxytocin? Although we think that love comes from the heart, the truth is actually different. Love comes from the brain.

An elevated level of oxytocin in your body has a beneficial effect on many aspects of life and organism

People look more attractive. The research included a group of people who gave oxytocin and then gave them photos of men and women to evaluate attractiveness. The other group gave a salt solution instead of a “hormone of happiness.” It was observed that those who were under oxytocin gave higher grades to men and women, while the other group was prone to lower grades.

You will be much generous. The second study showed that people who had a higher percentage of this hormone were actually more generous than those who lacked these hormones. The study was conducted on people who were supposed to make an economic decision and to decide how much money they would give for that purpose. People who were happier gave more money.

You will have more confidence. People who have been given oxytocin doses have had far more trust than those who have been on a placebo effect. If you are suspicious, it’s a sign that your hormone levels are low.

Beneficial effects on the digestive system. The less-known fact is that oxytocin and oxytocin receptors can be found in the digestive system.

This hormone plays an essential role in digestion, so research shows that lower levels of this hormone can slow digestion. This is also an explanation of why depressed people have problems with pounds and cannot easily be solved.

Enhancing wounds healing. Oxytocin accelerates rapid healing of the wound, and research has shown that people under stress need more time to regenerate the skin and wound healing.

Good for heart health. Oxytocin has cardioprotective activity and protects the cardiovascular system. The hormone of happiness expands blood vessels that diminish blood pressure and prevents inflammation of the arteries that are the leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

Natural Ways to Increase Oxytocin in Organism

Physical touch. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles increase the level of oxytocin in the body. The level of oxytocin is otherwise very high when we are in a relationship of full love. During the orgasm, a very high level of oxytocin is released, and in men, it is released only when they are with someone they like.

Positive words. We will always feel good when we receive a compliment. Then we believe that we are loved and our self-confidence grows. The level of oxytocin always increases when we are caring for each other. Words have great power.

Laughter. Laughter is contagious, and this hormone is released during laughing. No one can remain indifferent when he is given a cordial and honest smile. Research has shown that laughter improves the health of the entire organism.

Meditation. The level of hormones in the body becomes balanced when you are relaxed. During meditation, oxytocin is released, and the stress hormone level decreases. Meditation regulates the blood pressure level and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Creative activities. During creative work, stress hormone levels are reduced. While painting, drawing, writing or playing, there is nothing you can think about. During creative activities, the brain is overflowing with hormones of happiness.

Pets. Pets calm down and encourage the release of this hormone in the body. Research has shown that touching a pet has the same effect as touching another person. It has been proven that pets can regulate the blood pressure level and improve the health of the entire cardiovascular system.

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