Italians Are Holding The Secret of Longevity and Happiness

Italians Are Holding The Secret of Longevity and Happiness

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Besides the fact that it is one of the favorite travel destinations, Italy is a country well-known for its natural beauty, plenty of food and wine, but also stunningly attractive people. Italians are not only a brilliant and beautiful nation but according to the World Health Organization, they are also one of the healthiest people. One extensive study looked at the variety of health differences in the population of as many as 163 countries around the globe. It considered causes of obesity, high blood pressure, tobacco use. The study also dealt with the most common causes of death, the average age of the population, but also the available sources of healthy water and quality food.

From 1 to 100 points, which is the maximum, when all the parameters are assessed, Italy got the highest of 93.11. Incredible. The Italians have a lifetime longer than 80. And what is the secret of their long and vital life? Perhaps it is in the environment and the influence of the Mediterranean climate, or their old recipes for excellent wine and pasta. One thing is sure when the food is concerned – the Italians do not consent to anything less than perfect. And when it comes to habits, we can call them the champions in hedonism and enjoyment. What can we learn from the Italians?

Italians use fresh foods, grown with a lot of love and attention

Imagine a life without processed food. Did you know that Italy has the lowest obesity in the world? The traditional cuisine of this country means only whole nutrients, without processing and refined foods. Italians eat whole grains, homegrown fresh fruit and vegetables, and meat that they practically produce themselves. In Italy, you will rarely find a massive food industry. No, they provide food on small, family farms, vineyards, and gardens. Making food for them is a particular pleasure and ritual that implies nothing but a lot of love and attention.

Even what we call Italian products (like ketchup) is foreign to them. They make sauces and soups from fresh chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions and other vegetables and spices.

With such food, they get a healthy dose of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids.

The Italians are moderate in portions and know how to eat slowly

Most nutritionists are restrictive when it comes to pasta, its constant presence in Italian cuisine might confuse you. How is it possible for people to eat pasta at least twice a week while bearing the title of the slimmest nation in the world? Simple,  Italians are used to small portions. In this country, you will not find the full plates in the restaurant, which can cause the anger of foreign guests, we know. However, moderation is the other secret  Italians practice.

Dining in Italy is considered a saintly. It’s not just a natural need to satisfy hunger. In this country, you can learn unique ways of serving and eating food. The Italians eat slowly and enjoy their meals. They usually drink wine but in same, moderate quantities.

Moderation and slow eating improves metabolism and allows the body to have a healthy digestion and correctly dispense nutrition during the day.

Food in Italy brings people together

Remember movies about Italian families? There is always an inevitable scene of a bunch of familiar people at the table, having dinner together. Plenty of food is usually on the table, and everyone is talking at the same time, and very loud. That is a typical picture. In Italy, food is worth as much as you have with whom to share it. That is why the feast time is a remarkably preserved family tradition that even modern families keep alive. Gathering, talking, closeness, with Mom’s kitchen, the most delicious in the world, is the healthiest environment in which a child can grow up. That is why we can say that Italian culinary habits are actually good for people’s mentality. Italian food heals the soul, and we should not forget the hearty and very friendly Italians.

Additionally, it is quite rare to see a drunk or conflicting guest at a family gathering or an Italian restaurant. They drink one or two glasses of wine. That’s the rule.

Virgin olive oil – a secret ingredient in healthy Italian cuisine

Mediterranean diet is, for sure, one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is based on the use of virgin olive oil, and Italy, we can say, is the capital of its production. In the cuisine of this beautiful country, this is almost an unavoidable ingredient of every meal or salad. Olive oil is a source of health and beauty. It is a secret ingredient of vitality, but also beautiful and shiny hair, smooth skin, and great vision.

Hope that we have created a picture of a healthy and cheerful community. It is never about status, money, or power. It has never been. On the contrary. Italians can teach you that simple life is actually the key to happiness, and enjoying in small things what we need. That’s why, on your journey through Italy, you will meet many hundred-year-olds, vital and happy people, who will boast and admire everything they have, and if you may be thinking that is not enough.

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