Judging by the Chinese Medicine, Timing When You Struggle to Fall Asleep Has Its Meaning

Judging by the Chinese Medicine, Timing When You Struggle to Fall Asleep Has Its Meaning

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Sleeping for many people is not a pleasure or rest as it should be, because they know in advance, long and sleepless night is awaiting. You might also refer to a group of less fortunate, who will not drop the head on a pillow in the 11PM and wake up at the same position at 7 o’clock in the morning, all freshen up and ready for some new daily tasks. No, you belong to those who bother every sound, the ray of the tiniest light or the smell coming into the room. Turning around, rolling over the bed, then, a journey to the toilet, drinking some water by the way. Exhausting. There is too much theory about insomnia and poor sleep indeed, but Chinese medicine has made a science from it.

Namely, according to this ancient medicine, there is a difference in the causes of waking over the timing, or the schedule following which the dream is interrupted. This fantastic theory has managed to link organic problems with the emotional ones in circumstances where man is least aware of them and do not control them – at night while sleeping. Below is a schedule outlined in Chinese theory, from which you can see the causes of your waking up in the middle of the night.

From 9PM to 11PM – brain/stress

If you have trouble sleeping in this period, that is, after going to bed, then the burden of daily commitments that you fulfill is huge. The body is under stress, and the brain still can’t get no information that it should slow down and rest. Chinese medicine recommends mediation for relaxation and the finding of sleep.

From 11PM to 1AM – a gallbladder / emotions

You are experiencing an emotional disappointment. How does medicine know this? Well, the gallbladder is active at this time of night, and it is connected with our emotions. The lack of sleep, the feeling of fear and anxiety around midnight, are indicative of this emotional problem. Chinese medicine knows mantras that can bring you back to the state of sleep.

From 1AM to 3AM – liver/anger

Irregular liver function in traditional Chinese medicine is closely linked to anger and rage that you feel, and this is why you are awake in the dead time of the night. Get rid of anger and try to go to sleep more calm, because the bad emotions revenge us by night.

From 3AM to 5AM – lungs/worries

Insomnia and the sudden waking between 3am and 5am is a reflection of some concern that bothering you. It is known that when we have a problem that we are trying to resolve, we have the same breathing problem. Lungs problems are associated with loss of sleep at this time of the night.

From 5AM to 7AM – intestines / emotional barrier

People who wake up a couple of hours before the alarm, probably have a problem with the digestive tract and intestines. This physical state, according to Chinese medicine, indicates some kind of emotional blockade. Chinese Medicine recommends – go to the bathroom, relax, and go back to bed. A few hours before the alarm can be precious sleep.

The conclusion is – what is happening to you and what you are through the day, at night will come after you. So try to be the best version of yourself and get the best out of the day. Judging by Chinese medicine, it’s not a good dream reliable for a good day, but it’s the opposite way.

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