Know Your Body – Hands Can Reveal If You Have Some Illness

Know Your Body – Hands Can Reveal If You Have Some Illness

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Our organism uses different methods to alert us if something is wrong. The modern age has created a different approach to health and the human body, so we are no longer able to recognize these early signs of illness. The symptoms are often camouflaged. The only thing we can rely on is a doctor’s verdict, that is, in a professional language –  the diagnosis. But, do we all go to the routine checks and exams? No. Usually, when our hands start to shake, or we lose a lot of weight, something is already settled down into our body and needs to be severely treated.

According to Ayurveda, our body is a complete system that has different methods to warn us that something is wrong. Disease, especially severe illness, comes when we ignored all previous warnings.

The look of hands, for example, can tell a lot of stories about us, showing age, that we have spent our life in hard work or being constantly under pressure. The hands are a mirror of health, and the smallest changes in the skin or nails can point us to hidden health problems. The appearance of the surface of the hand, including nails, can serve the doctor in diagnosis or doubt of some types of illness.

Dry fingers

Dry skin on the fingers may be a sign that you are missing vitamin B. Niacin (B3). Niacin (B3) and biotin (B7) are responsible for repairing skin damage by promoting collagen production. If you have a problem with dried palm, it is recommended to eat foods rich in these vitamins: fish, mushrooms, and avocados. If your fingers are often blue or gray, it can mean you have a slowing blood circulation in hands, which can be more or less dangerous. If your fingers get swollen from time to time, your thyroid gland may not work well.

The skin on your hands

If your skin on your fists is often dried and peeled, and you know it’s not the result of cold and windy weather, it’s possible that the problem is psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infections. In the absence of any of these diseases, regularly apply the cream with rich vitamins A and E, which will create a protective layer and dry the curing, while at the same time it will feed the skin around the nail.

The color of the nails

Healthy nails are pink, and any change in them can indicate a health and nutrition problem. Very white fingernails indicate anemia, liver disease, and heart problems. Bad nails that break down note a lack of zinc in the body. In such situations, it is recommended that whole grains, oatmeal, and meat be included in the diet. Nails that bend are a sign that the body is missing protein or calcium. Consumption of spinach or sardines is recommended. If the condition is not corrected, medical assistance is required. Blue nail color can be a sign of emphysema, but also a heart problem.

What palms indicate?

Redness may occur if you have kept your hands firmly if you have burned or washed too much dishes, but if the redness is not removed for a long time, it is an indicator of palms that is a sign of a disease of the liver, cirrhosis or fatty liver. Except in the case of pregnancy, red palms are an indicator of the disease. When the condition occurs, the liver does not expose the harmful substance but retains it, resulting in a higher concentration of hormones and too much circulation through the blood vessels, which is shown on the palms, but the hole hands and feet than swells.

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