Learn How To Breathe And Improve Your Overall Health!

Learn How To Breathe And Improve Your Overall Health!

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The life of each of us started with a breath. It will end up with an exhale. While we were kids, we could breath properly. The right way is breathing through your nose, calm, easy, quiet and deep. A modern man is increasingly separated from everything that is natural. Breathing is our basic and main biological function. Without it other functions in the body cannot work properly.

We breathe in an average of 22,000 times, per day — mostly irregular.

What does it mean to breathe incorrectly? Breathing through the mouth is an irregular breathing. In addition ,breathing in which the abdomen is not engaged, but only lungs, is an irregular way of breathing. So, this kind of breathing does not bring enough oxygen to your body and the brain, which usually needs three times more oxygen than other organs. In that way the brain is forced to take oxygen from other organs. The result of irregular breathing is the beginning of illness, the fall of life energy, fatigue, lethargy… Breathing is a natural phenomenon, but it should not be taken for granted. The way we’re breathing talks about the way we live.

Spiritual teachers warn us for centuries that our physical, mental and emotional health depend on breathing. Nowadays, doctors talk very often about this. Unfortunately, very few people pay attention to their breath.

Breathing is free.

The mind of a modern man is focused on things that have price. Consciousness about breathing almost does not exist in people. The price of such a negligent attitude towards one’s own breath, is increased stress, beginning of illness, and overcrowded mind.

Breathing is a companion of our soul on a journey called life. It needs to be conscious, meaning that we have to listen what is telling us. Our breath is our life. The way we’re breathing is the way we live.

Shallow breathing is an indicator of the absence of health and also bad emotions. Listen to your breath. If it is shallow and fast, it means you do not get enough oxygen into your body and brain. The diaphragm is squeezed, difficult to move and without moving this strong muscle there is no deep and proper way of breathing.

What does your breath tell you about your current emotions?

Every emotion has its own breathing rhythm. When we are stressed, frightened, angry, we breathe shallow and quickly. If you consciously change the rhythm of breathing, you will change your emotions. You will free yourself from bad emotions like sadness, anger and fear . Your mind will calm down and you will be able to bring more energy to your body.

Many people say that they cannot, or more precisely, do not know how. The good news is that at Yoga classes you can learn many breathing techniques (pranayama) that will relieve you of stress, tension, fear, anxiety. With this ancient breathing technique, you will harmonize the work of internal organs and slow down your heart rhythm, lower blood pressure and  relax your muscles . You will improve your mood and also rejuvenate.

You will become aware that health enters through the nose. Learn to inhale peace and joy, and exhale restlessness, tension. Try to control your breath and as a reward you will gain control over your life. The smile to your face will return and the hormones of happiness will be freed. You will connect with the source of your existence.

Your breath has huge power.

Your health is in your hands.

Breathe with full lungs and live a joyful life!

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