Life in the 40s – How to keep the metabolism working for you

Life in the 40s – How to keep the metabolism working for you

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Metabolism, your energy factory, and overweight fighter

Ok, in the 30s you felt some differences when your body is in question. And not only that, life has changed significantly during this period, it gets a new tempo and meaning. Now you go slowly in the fifth decade of life. And 40s do not seem any simpler, at all. What you already have figured out, so far, the days when you could eat absolutely anything, without getting some extra pounds, have passed. You were not active either during your studies or in your youth, but your body always worked for you and kept you healthy and vital. It probably has a lot to do with genetics, but also with your metabolism. Imagine, at the same time as you read this, your metabolism burns a certain amount of calories.

Metabolism is the power of the body to convert food into energy. This machine works differently from person to person, depending on hereditary factors, sex, thyroid function, and lifestyle. If we take into account that with the arrival of every new decade, the ratio of your metabolic system abrasion by an average of 5% slows down, then 40s are the time when you need to pay attention to the balance of food and energy consumption. This function of our body implies synchronized processing of food, both chemical and physical through our organs. If it does not turn into energy immediately, it is stored in our body. Then, we are confronted with a problem of overweight and body fats.

However, many experts estimate that the vitality of the organism can be maintained even in the 40s and later if you live neatly and healthily. If you feel that your body is becoming lazy, here are a few tricks to make significant progress.

Three good ways to boost your metabolism

Changes in diet. Now is the right moment to clean your alcohol bar and fill your fridge with vegetables. Regular and healthy nutrition, full of vitamins, fibers, and proteins is the basis for metabolism boost in the 40s. Your body no longer can quickly regenerate, so the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is more than fatal for you. Instead, it is necessary to hydrate regularly, to increase as many fluids as possible. It is advisable to drink cold water before meals because that will keep you away from over-eating. Some foods, such as beans, black pepper or oolong tea, will help you burn more calories and boost metabolism.

Sleep & exercise. If you want your body to work for you, you must work for it. If you look at your body as a machine, in which the metabolism produces fuel for its work, you should know this machine is not brand new technology as it was when you were a teenager.  You need to rest more. Regular sleep is a part of the solution. Adult man needs night sleep, so forget old habits like staying at the bar late at night, watch a movie marathon all night long or work hard until the dawn.

Any kind of sport, activity, at least a light walk speeds up the digestive system and your metabolism. Yes, it is true, the body will burn some of your calories anyway, but, is that enough?

Stress reducing. It’s not easy to be a grow up. In the 40s, so many decisions are expected from you. Family, your company, social obligations, everything is on your back. If this age counts as entering some mature years, which also sexually representing many changes for both, women and men, it is clear that all this affects the psychological state. Stress is our biggest enemy. In addition to the fact that stress physically affects our bodies, it does not allow us to focus our thoughts on things such as healthy life, good habits, or weight loss. When all this go to the second plan, metabolism gives us signals. It slowly loses strength and leaves us alone in the fight against obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and weak nervous system. So slow down a bit, the 40s are not a quick finish, they are just the beginning of a beautiful period, in which you need to enjoy, being happy and healthy.

The thyroid gland, genetic predisposition & muscle mass

The metabolism is based on three fundamental factors: genetics, thyroid function and percentage of muscle mass in the body. These three elements can be our advantage and give us more time. On the other hand, every problem with them leads to metabolic disorders, even in the earlier period than the 40s. Follow the previous tips and maintain the balance of these three factors, the key is the answer to the operation of your metabolism at this age of life. The body is a flawless mechanism that requires all of its parts to be synchronized. If you manage to respond to all his demands at least at the primary level, you will make your life easier and more dashing.

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