Madero Therapy: A Popular Way to Remove Cellulite and Pounds

Madero Therapy: A Popular Way to Remove Cellulite and Pounds

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Madero Therapy

This massage technique comes from Colombia, characterized by its being completely natural and without allergic reactions to the skin. Madero Therapy presents a deeper form of massage with the help of improving the balance of energy, stress releases, and relieves muscles and joints from pain. It is based on the ancient oriental technique of manipulation with centuries for various purposes, and it is intended for people with disproportionate, localized fatty deposits, excess water, toxins in the subcutaneous tissue, pores, and cellulite. This massage technique is the ultimate alternative to a regular massage for the patient with visible cellulite because it improves body proportions and skin appearance in treated areas.

Madero Therapy is a technique of deep massage of tissue in which wood shingles are used to improve the volume and proportion of the body.

How does it work?

The appearance of the shingles used in this massage is adapted to intensifying the decomposition of fat and cellulite so that they are eliminated naturally along with other toxins from the body. Madero Therapy is recommended when relaxing tight muscles, it also stimulates lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins, accelerates metabolism, breaks cellulite, stubborn fat deposits, and burns fats, tones and tightens the skin, and is excellent for circulation.

This technique includes repeated movements with more than 10 different wood tools for targeted areas of muscle, fat, and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic system to extract excess water and toxins from the body through it. In the same time, it is also an excellent way to relax and relieve stress.

The results are quickly visible

This massage extends deep under the layers of the tissue to activate the cells from the inside. The advantages of Madero therapy are to reduce fatty deposits around the waist, eliminate surplus from the thigh, narrow the waist, define the arms and legs, form the thighs and the buttocks, reduce the deposits on the back and the stomach, rearrange the fat on the buttocks. The results are visible only after the first one-hour treatment, and for a complete change, three terms are recommended per week. Long-term effects depend on the intensity and speed of manipulation with the rolling pin, as well as the number of treatments, but also the type of your lifestyle (if you adjust your diet and that much fluids, the effect will be better).

The bad sides of Madero therapy

Pain and bruising – this is the most common critique of Madero therapy. However, the main culprit for such a lousy voice is unprofessional “beauticians, masseurs, workers in salons.” Madero therapy must not hurt- this treatment may be unpleasant and cause mild muscle inflammation during the first two treatments, but it should not cause intolerable pain (as is often heard from negative experiences). The same is for undercoats and bruises. So, there’s NO! If you have them, stop with further treatments and contact the checked lounges and experts who are educated for this type of massage.

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