Make Yourself Work Out: Simple Things Will Motivate You

Make Yourself Work Out: Simple Things Will Motivate You

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You decided to start to work out routine, but getting your butt to the gym can be a bit challenging. There’s a time when you’d rather stay home and eat a bowl of ice cream, or just lay down on the couch and be lazy.

You made up excuses to ditch your sweat sesh- you have no time before or after work to go the gym, you forgot your athletic wear, the gym is too far away. But, after all, if you want to feel confident, to improve your overall health and raize your mood, don’t beat yourself out of a good workout. Motivate yourself every day to achieve the goal.

Say Yourself  ‘You Can Do This’ and Free Your Competitive Spirit

Self-talk is a good motivational tool, and even science says talking to yourself in the second person is very effective. So, instead of saying yourself  “I will do this,” say “You’re going to crush this run.”

You surely have friends or neighbors who run too, so try to beat them, run 15 minutes extra. We’re all super competitive, and that’s high motivation, to hit somebody else. There are also many applications for exercises like MapMyRun or FitBit, so try on of this.

Create Playlist and Volume Up

The music gyms blast over their speakers usually turns you down, so create your own high-energy playlist. Research says the optimal tempo to boost your stamina is songs that have 125 to 140 beats per minute.

Find Your Reel and Replay It. You know why are you start to work out, so keep that in mind. Pull some zen thoughts and reels and put that memory top of mind next time you’re staring down the miles. Think about positive memories around exercise, because researches have shown the more you can associate positive emotions and good vibes with your training, the more likely you are to show up.

Listen To The Podcast . Gym time can be more enticing by pairing it with something you actually want to do- listen to some audiobooks, or even maybe some movie. Katherine Milkman, the professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania did an experiment which showed that students who only had access to audiobooks at the gym were 29 percent more likely to work out than ones who could access audiobooks wherever they wanted.

Enlist Your Friend and You for Some Marathon

By working out with someone you thinks is more physically fit will help you increase your workout time and intensity by 100 percent, according to some research. So you should grab a workout buddy and start exercising together, like preparing for a marathon.

Put Dumbbells Next to Your Couch

Yes, you can do a short workout at home, when you really don’t feel like making the trip to the gym. Do some quick weight training or a few squats.

Treat Yourself with New Athletic Wear

Once a month, treat yourself with a new piece of athleisure- some cute new pair of leggings, sneakers or t-shirt. Especially for women, shopping is always the best motivation.

Make it Cost You

For most of us, money is an excellent motivation for every job. Most gyms charge you if you cancel last minute, you’ll be less inclined to stay on the sofa watching movie and eat popcorns.

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