Making Assumptions Can Be Dangerous

Making Assumptions Can Be Dangerous

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We often make decisions based on assumptions. The truth is in the eye of the observer. It depends on our perception, how we perceive reality around us. We all have our individual truth that we see, hear and feel, but on the other hand, nothing is as it seems. And that’s where the problem arises because we assume that what and how we see it is also recognized by others. But others, they have their own truth.

For this reason, most of the decisions and conclusions we make based on any kind of assumptions are mostly wrong. In reality, we never get the whole picture, complete information, and facts that would help us make a more correct and better judgment.

The difference between the assumption and the fact, ask yourself: How do I know?

The most significant lesson in the world of entrepreneurship, but also in life in general, is to know the difference between the assumption and the fact. We must clearly see this difference if we want to be successful. The question that can help you in recognizing the difference between one and the other is: “How do I know?” If you make decisions based on assumptions at the start, you lose because you do not have all the facts or you do not know them. If you have a more comprehensive picture is better for you, because only in this way can you make the right decisions. How often did you happen to have said something fundamental, for example to a client, an employee, partner or colleagues, convinced that they understood you, and in the end, it turned out that they realized something completely different?

Or how much time do you lose thinking about what other people think and intend to do? Or how many times have you concluded that nothing of work, agreement, or co-operation, because it seemed to you that the other side was not interested enough?

It is essential to know all the facts

The consequence of ignorance is that you lose valuable time, nerves, money, resources. This happens because you assume things instead of just asking, check, look for an explanation. You make assumptions, usually against yourself, and then make decisions based on these assumptions. You assume facts that may not exist, and then build prejudices about these facts.

How different the situation would be if you knew all the facts, but the real facts about a case, a person, a problem, or an occasion. Then you can make conclusions, decisions and act by what is real, not what you have actually invented.

Ask and listen

You can find out very quickly by asking and being curious. Then looking to what the other side is telling you, and by their answers, you get their image of reality as they see, hear, and feel. Then you have far more information to help you understand the situation as a whole, and then take further steps to resolve the situation or make the right decisions. Checking your assumptions improves communication, relationships, quality of life, and productivity at work.

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