How Many Working Hours are Healthy? Work Day Should Start at 10 For Better Results, Scientists Say

How Many Working Hours are Healthy? Work Day Should Start at 10 For Better Results, Scientists Say

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Oxford scientist Paul Kelly drew public attention to a problem that affects many of us. Working hours. This psychologist examined the forms of modern torture and found that awakening and start of working hours at 10 am in the morning are the most common for people. He explained that everyone has their own clock that is already “programmed” and cannot be changed. With other words, if we force ourselves to wake up every day before our organs do, and above all the brain, then we fight with the natural clock, and this can have a lot of late effects on our health.

Early awakening can cause sleep disorder

Before we consider the ‘working hours’ issue, let’s take a look at the sleeping schedule. The scientist claims that the lack of sleep is a global problem. Needs to be pointed out before it becomes a serious health hazard. It explains that awakening before 10 o’clock can cause sleep disorders and thus lead to emotional and physical stress. Lack of sleep affects memory and encourages the use of alcohol and drugs. It also causes anger, anxiety, frustration, impulsive behavior, cultivation, high blood pressure, stress, and mental problems. Particularly sensitive category are young people.

Better results and grades at school if our working hours start at 10

He tested his theory in a British school where the start of the hours was shifted from 8.30 to 10.00. After a certain time in this school, the attendance of pupils at classes as well as their productivity was corrected, which also affected their grades. Children should come to school at about 11, fresh and relaxed. Allowing students to stay longer in bed will improve the results on tests by 10 percent. When they have enough sleep, they will learn better and have less problematic behavior.

Early awakening leads to less productivity of working hours and the company’s profits

A British scientist concludes that if we were to listen to our body clock and wake up naturally, and not with the help of an alarm, it would be much more productive, and we would all be happier. Worldwide research shows that the flexible working hours model which starts after 9 positively influences the motivation of employees, which at the end of the year yields significantly higher profits for companies. If they do not sleep enough, employees are more inclined to make more significant mistakes, and they are not rare or injuries at work. Errors are consequences of unadjusted working hours with the pressure of productivity and continuous availability through an e-mail and mobile phone, which is why many employees suffer from social fatigue. So, their bodies are always in the wrong time zone. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of people get up early than they should and do not manage to get enough rest to be productive.

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