Men Are Happier with Chubby Women Because Chubby Women Are Happier Than Skinny Ones – According to Psychologists

Men Are Happier with Chubby Women Because Chubby Women Are Happier Than Skinny Ones – According to Psychologists

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Modern standards often portray a woman with more curves as undesirable and less beautiful. There’s a public opinion that skinny, tall women are the synonym for attraction, and therefore the subject of a male desire. Chubbies have always struggled with this issue; teased at schools as young, tortured with unhealthy and wrong diets, dressed in inadequate wardrobe, just to hide their larger-size bodies. But, in the end, the analyses show that this sad picture is just an illusion, and in fact, curved girls are more charming to the most of men and more emotionally accessible than skinny beauty queens. The research shows, a man who has married a chubby woman is ten times happier and live longer. Also, psychologists denote them as people who do not have a problem to deal with things, facing and solving problems.

Men’s point of view

Without any tendency to discriminate any women because of her physical look, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, we make a small parallel between the stereotypes. – Even if they often dream of having a Victoria Secret model for a girlfriend, men usually characterized skinny girls as inaccessible, unfriendly and arrogant. They don’t feel relaxed enough and can’t develop reliable connections. Boyish dreams are one thing, but as adults, most of the men want a different kind of person to walk through life with them.

On the other hand, chubby girls seem more approachable, pleasant and humble. They quickly discover their emotional side and are more honest. Chubby girls work anti-stressful on the opposite sex and feel like the “safe harbor.”

The second point about which psychologists often mention when male-female relationships are about is the fact of maternity. Remember the prehistoric figurines of fertility goddesses? They all have curves, large breasts, and broad thighs. The subconscious of every human being is a reproduction, and the biology itself overpowers the men to see the strength in the larger size women and healthy constitution needed to bring pregnancy, while the skinny women often, in the subconscious, are considered to be weak, fragile and sensitive.

Everything is related to stress. Once upon a time, chubby women represented a social status and a part of society that lived in abundance (suppose they ate well). Ladies in big dresses with lavish bosom are usually showed on the all aristocratic portraits in history, symbolizing wealth and good life.

In a Daily Times survey, several dozen men took part in the research, declaring themselves to be more engaging to chubby women with extra curves and few more pounds; Finding them more beautiful and sexually attractive.

It seems that the modern times have moved the borderline.

Women’s point of view

Every healthy woman who accepts her body the way it naturally is can be truly happy. All women were born different. While some struggle with excess weight, others wish for a few pounds more. For a woman to be desirable and a perfect partner, she must be good with herself first. And indeed, a chubby lady who sees her weight as a gift of nature is unbreakable. She is positive and confident. And not only in physical terms, but such a person possesses a strong spirit and power to influence people around her. That’s why the bigger woman is a perfect wife, mother, friend, associate. You can rely on her. She will help you to see the things as they are, without illusions, to find out what is really important and what is meaningless in life.

Happily, the criteria by which we choose our partners today are less limited. We are free to fall in love with someone’s something strange, something exciting, extraordinary or superhuman good. Love moves the world and gives a smile on our faces, regardless of whether we are fat, small, muscular, tall or all that we think we are. If a person is confident in choice and has a good friend next to him, it will definitely make him happy and extend his lives.

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