Men Skin Care- Basic Routine or Healthy Skin

Men Skin Care- Basic Routine or Healthy Skin

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Whether it is or not, face skin care day by day becomes more and more a part of everyday men’s hygiene. The days when the skin care was solely for women was long behind us. Today, in the era of metrosexuals, this has become a field of interest for many men. Many skin care products that appeared on the market, as well as some cosmetic treatments intended for men, have contributed to this.

It’s true that skin care for men may be even more necessary than women, of course, if your goal is the skin like a mannequin with commercials and popular series, than that for generations fed by the generations of Konan, Viking and other macho adventures for centuries. Daily shave, skin treatment with lotions, which often contain alcohol, support the claim that men’s skin care is necessary.

Man’s skin – facts

The fact is that the skin of a man’s face is much more durable than a woman. First, the skin of a man is 20% thicker. Then, the thicker skin layer is more abundant with collagen fibers and elastin which makes it stronger and more elastic. Nevertheless, despite all this, male skin is equally exposed to the effects of the outside environment as well as the woman.  Shaving, Sun, climatic conditions, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, stress, sleep deprivation, bad diet … all this affects the skin of our face. Moreover, male skin is also heavier than female, and therefore rituals of care are required at least weekly.


Fractures, inflammation, redness … are regular problems that men face after shaving. Routine is clear – take care of the hygiene of the hand and face before shaving, shave according to the rules, take care of the hygiene of the vein (change them every time) and use antiseptics. For aftershave, use exclusively nutritious alcohol-free lotions.

Basic care

Water and soap are the foundation from which it begins. You can also use foam or gel for washing, and clean the skin with mild facial toner on the plant base. Facial scrubbing is a new category introduced into the care of your face. Peeling removes dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth. It is recommended to peel at least twice a week. In case you have skin problems, you could try some gel to control facial gel, while others suggest a moisturizing cream. And there it is – your face is ready for a new day!

Face masks

In addition to regular washing, tonic cleansing, and peeling and skin care with creams and lotions, it is advisable to use a facial mask occasionally. We know, it works utterly feminine, but they say it helps to cleanse the face, so let’s try it. You can also buy a facial mask in perfumeries and better-equipped supermarkets, but if you really want to know what you are putting on the face here is how you can make them yourself. Important note – used after cleaning your face.

-Honey mask. Take egg yolk, with one tablespoon of olive oil and a spoon of honey. Then apply the mask with your fingers to the whole face, except for the eyes, of course, and let it stand for 15 minutes. Wash the mask.

-Cucumber mask. Peel a cucumber and then grind in a mixer or mend. Then squeeze it out, sealed the water, and throw the other. Mix the water from the cucumber with a teaspoon of lemon juice and spoon of grinded hazelnut. Add the mixed egg white and stir all together. Apply the mask on the face and wash off after 25 minutes.

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