Miraculous Himalayan Salt- Beauty, Antistress, Detox Properties

Miraculous Himalayan Salt- Beauty, Antistress, Detox Properties

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Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt is the cleanest salt of the Earth, from the unpolluted ecosystem of the ages more than 250 million years old. With its composition of 84 minerals and elements in the same proportions in which it is found in our body – it helps the body and the nervous system in achieving balance and is an extremely rejuvenating effect.

In addition to providing the body with all essential minerals and trace minerals, it allows natural regulation of electrolytes in the body and better absorption of nutrients and detoxification. It stimulates and accelerates the elimination of accumulated toxins from the body and is recommended to everyone, particularly those who have issues with high blood pressure and water retention in the body.

It acts as a stress regulator but also stabilizes irregular heartbeats. It regulates the level of blood sugar and helps the kidneys to excrete excess acidity in the urine. It also works on cleansing the lungs, and it is especially useful in people suffering from asthma and cystic fibrosis. You should use it if you have problems with a dry cough – just put some salt on your tongue. Himalayan salt pure sinuses, prevent muscle spasms, helps maintain muscle tone and strength, strengthens bones, prevents the onset of osteoporosis, prevents the spread of veins on the feet and thighs, keeps sexuality and libido.

It will improve your day

The Himalayan lamp is one of the most popular and new ways to feel the benefits of this material. The lamp works by crystalline salts warming up, causing the release of naked ions in the air, which has proven to be excellent for people suffering from the stem, tiredness, allergies, and depression.

Clean face from acne

If you have acne on the face or a similar problem with the skin, natural healing of Himalayan salts can be what you need to solve this problem. Mix 100 g of Himalayan salt with three liters of water and leave it on the side for a day to dissolve. Then blend the mixture with your favorite essential oils and is ready to use. Gently massage the mixture on the face – it will massage your skin, open the clogged pores, while the essential oils will make the skin softer and healthier.

Use it as a soap

The Himalayan soap with 100% salt crystals is absolutely excellent for treating skin from herpes, cellulite and dry skin. Also can be used as a deodorant in a more natural form. If you have never used this soap, it’s possible that you will feel the tingling and burning sensation of the skin – but you should not be scared, as this is a sign that it is a pure toxin body and it should take only a few minutes.

Try a bath with Himalayan salt

Bathing and showering are regular parts of everyday hygiene, and in particular, they can be healthier with the Himalayan salt, added to the water. Fill the tub with water and add about 120g of Himalayan salt. As soon as you enter the bath, you will feel like cleansing your skin and cleansing the body to the toxins that have accumulated. Studies have shown that only half an hour of bathing in the Himalayan salt is enough to recover the body, and the skin solves problems such as irritation, a bite of the insect … Also, this way you can solve various gynecological problems. During bathing, it is important not to use additional baths and shampoos, but it is enough to just dry and relax between 30-40 minutes.

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