Mum-cation is a Break for Mums – a New Thing Recommended By  Psychologists

Mum-cation is a Break for Mums – a New Thing Recommended By  Psychologists

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Mothers always look after and care, they have no time to complain

Maternity is one of the most challenging tasks in a woman’s life. Being a mother does not mean only to survive an exhausting pregnancy, painful affliction, sleepless nights, and baby cry. Being a mother means to follow your child throughout the entire life, giving an equal measure of love and care from the first day. That’s why every mother has the right to be tired, and from time to time, go on mum-cation, no matter how much she enjoys her maternity role.

Mothers know, since the first child was born, a woman is constantly trying to reconnect with her body but seems like she doesn’t have time for it, anymore. Every single woman wishes to find that time, take a deep breath, look at herself in the mirror, and make her mind and body assemble into the perfect puzzle. It will never happen.

In the past few years, psychologists who studied healthy mental relationships in the family have propagated the trend of so-called ‘mum-cation’ or a holiday reserved exclusively for mothers. Mum-cation can last a day or two, or a week, outside the house. It is the time that a woman should dedicate to herself, by offering at least a brief journey and a little peace. Or a little mummy’s favorite loud music. The choice is on her. Mum-cation helps to make the woman rest, sleep, eat, and do what she wants. The point is to have family backing and leave home with no worries, in absolute control (most often thanks to her partner).

Psychologists advise you to run away sometimes

Perhaps someone finds it inconceivable to separate from the child, but in fact, experts believe it is beneficial for the development of better family relationships. The stress and tension that a woman feels because of excessive responsibilities in the home, going to work, cooking, fighting flu and sports injuries, affects not only the mother but also the other family members. When a mother brings frustration into the home, she experiences resistance from her children and does not get the necessary support from her partner. Further, this builds more hazardous relationships and creates even bigger tension.

For a woman to have a useful mum-cation, it is necessary to clear the ground beforehand. These are not things you need to feel a desire for, and no one can force them. Separating from your family, in brief, is something you personally need and to do it, got the support of other family members.

A good mum-cation requires the following conditions:

– Get rid of guilt; It’s hard for a mother to separate from cooking, cleaning, ironing, and housekeeping. Her absence is most noteworthy. But know, it’s not the end of the world if you leave a house without vacuuming for two days, or if your family eats from a microwave. Just imagine how it would be easy for others to pack and leave. You also have the right to do so. You should not feel guilty.

– Sincere support. It is essential that your loved one and your children feel when you become overburdened. A healthy family will always keep one’s back and support each other in everything. For a successful mum-cation, it’s good to have a partner who will say ‘I got this honey, relax’ just like children who are used to and independent enough to survive for a day or two without you.

– Gather your besties and go. Mum-cation will not be a real vacation if you don’t spend it with your best friends and do what you love. Plan your departure together, do something that you’ve always loved and planned, but didn’t have a chance. Or, relive your trip from the younger days and get the same route once more.

– Rejoice to return home. One wise proverb says, “My goal is to build a life from which I do not need a break.” If during your solo adventure, you find out how much you miss your family, then you succeeded in performing a good mum-cation. No matter how much you enjoyed peace and quiet, you love the noise and sounds of your home. There is no bigger joy than returning home, and the familiar faces excited to see you.

Perhaps you only need a little bit of vitamin D. You may just want to read a book on the beach or one crazy evening at a club with your besties, as it used to be. Dedicate to a disadvantaged hobby. Mum-cation is a period that should serve to fill up your mum-batteries and refresh your life. Use this time wisely and well. Get rid of negative energy. Go back to your home shining and smiling, because a happy mother is indeed a happy family.

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