Mysteries of the Ancient Inca People – Super Healthy Food and Life Elixir

Mysteries of the Ancient Inca People – Super Healthy Food and Life Elixir

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Tourists from all over the world are traveling to Peru with a desire to see the “lost city.” Magnificent Machu Picchu is well hidden behind the two peaks of the beautiful and wild Andes. In that place, the old and wise people of Inca built the largest empire on the American soil in the 14th century, which remains hidden until 1911.

Inca People Kept the Secret of a Long Life

Inca civilization is known as a mysterious creation far ahead of its time. The center was the city of Cusco.  Old people foresaw the arrival of Europeans, built monumental buildings and temples, and had an incredible irrigation system. After the discovery, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the researchers were astounded by the fact that the civilization of ancient Inca, deep in the mountains, had over 700 agricultural terraces. They were irrigated by a primitive system without any construction, but very efficient and functional.

Incas, American Indians from Peru are well-known for their farming and harvesting works and had well-developed agriculture.

What is perhaps the biggest riddle for many scientists today is the fact that Inca people lived for more than 80 or 90 years. At that time, the vitality of humans was half as shorter.

The ancient Incas cultivated an abundance of cereals and plants, and their diet was almost absolutely vegetarian. The basic food was corn, but they have grown beans, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables. They were using meat in smaller quantities, mainly llama or alpaca meat. To this day, the Peruvians have retained a lot of culinary tradition of the Inca people, so if you visit the city of Cusco and the Holy Valley, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the old recipes.

Ancient Inca’s Superfood that Heals and Prolongs Life

  1. Chicha is a beverage (corn beer) made from corn that can be fermented or non-fermented. Chicha Morada is made from the Peruvian kind of purple corn. In different regions, Inkas used different fruits, grains, and tubers to make chicha. Some of them serve it with pineapple rinds, lime juice, cinnamon, and cloves. Chicha is a famous drink even today, especially during the festive periods, and fireworks.
  2. Kiwicha is similar to quinoa, and small gluten-free seeds rich in fiber and protein. Quinoa, just like kiwicha date back to Incan times. Kkiwicha is also known as “mini quinoa” or amaranth. Inka people used it as a cereal, topping or protein filler.
  3. Maca powder is a vegetable that grows only in the Andes. Inka people believed this root has real sexual power, and Peruvian calls it “natural Viagra.” People from this area claim that maca can help women in menopause and also can cure infertility. True, some evidence suggests that maca increases sperm count in men.
  4. Purple potatoes are much more pest resistant than regular ones. Also, they are a powerful antioxidant anthocyanin that contains so many vitamins, minerals, and essential carbohydrates. Purple potatoes were a fantastic source of energy and nutrition for Inca men, during long wars and journeys. Today, more than 99 percent of all cultivated potatoes worldwide are originated from South America.
  5. Cusco corn, also known as choclo, is not even alike to the corn we know. It is not as sweet as European corn, it grows only in specific areas, and it is very difficult to find outside of South America.
  6. Goldenberries look like a cherry tomato, but a yellow, smooth round berry. They are sweet on the outside and have seeds that are slightly citrus taste. Inca used dried golden berries. They are rich in protein, bioflavonoids, vitamins C, B, and A and fiber.
  7. Mashua is a tuber that almost grows by itself. It is a very plant, and Inca farmers were seeded with other crops as a natural defense from insects and bacteria. It is known to have healing properties as a diuretic. Some new analyses indicate that mashua has male contraceptive properties. Also, there is an opinion that can prevent cancer.

Did Incas Hid a Secret of the Magic Potion?

If we look at how many nutrients this organic food contains, from the purest sites od Andes, we can come to a firm conclusion that Inca people found the secret of a long and healthy life. The answer might be in the cultivation of magical vegetarian gardens and enjoying its fruits. Some people consider that the wise ancient people of Inca made a secret elixir for longevity, with a lot of ingredients mentioned before, and of course, with that one undiscovered. Certainly, the largest empire of South America has lived in flourishing and abundant for more than 500 years, and its people knew the secrets of healthy food and natural remedies.

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