Namaste – It’s Not Just A Yoga Expression, It’s a Way of Life

Namaste – It’s Not Just A Yoga Expression, It’s a Way of Life

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Namaste. There is no better way to start or end a meeting, a conversation, a class. And what exactly does this word mean? Can we translate it simply as “hello” or maybe as “thanks”? No. It is an old Sanskrit word that has a much deeper meaning than an ordinary greeting, mostly used in conjunction with a deep bow. It would sound: “The divine in me, worshiped by the divine in you,” or, more simply, “the light in me covers the light in you.”

What is so deep and very powerful in ‘Namaste’?

In the Western world, this term is used at the end of yoga classes, in the Indian tradition, it plays a more significant role. But, there are more and more people around the world who are acquainted with this short and straightforward line of positive energy and inner beauty. Imagine, now that you know the meaning when someone’s bow to you and say ‘Namaste’, then it’s simply impossible to deny that light in you anymore. We are mostly unaware of our light, rarely when we see it in others, too.

Namely, it has nothing to do with religion, it takes people to another kind of worship. “Respecting each other and the idea that we are all equal.” That is why it is pronounced with the bow and hands clasped as for prayer.

What “namaste” means in India?

India is the place where yoga is born, so as the term. It is used here as a joint greeting. Almost like some of the common expressions we use every day. Millions of people live in this spectacular country. And if they are classically divided, their spirituality and Hinduism do not allow any division. Equality is a beautiful feeling. Allows you to be part of something, to belong; therefore, you want to take as much as you want and to give. Namaste – one example of their culture is rooted in equality and spirituality.

Namaste outside the yoga studio

If you have ever been to yoga class, you noticed that the teacher translates traditional Sanskrit terms into your language. Everything except namaste. It is a matter of respect for the ancient traditions of yoga.

Fortunately, the Western world has the habit of accepting the tradition of ancient and distant nations. In his search for a deeper and more powerful meaning, the man of the modern and fast world is increasingly trying to live a “namaste” way of life.

Huge corporations, consumer society, expensive cars, careers, and mortgages put in the other plan what is real. People are compassionate, emotional beings. Their role is to love and give attention to others. Only this way can live in harmony with nature and with each other. That is why more and more of those who understand that “namaste” is more than a greeting. It is the acceptance of what we truly are, and the recognition of light in other people. At the same time, openness allows us to find respect in ourselves not only for some light but also for the darkness, the past, the present; one’s entire experience.

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