Natural Lips Care For Cold Days- Homemade Balms

Natural Lips Care For Cold Days- Homemade Balms

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A Cracked Lips Season

The most common problem that girls have during the cold days are cracked lips. The leading causes of cracked lips are temperature drops, dry air, and a significant temperature difference between enclosed rooms and exterior. Although it can be a very dull problem, there are some very effective ways to prevent, but also to cure cracked lips. And in such situations, people usually resort to shopping balsams, which in most cases do not help. For dry, cracked lips it is not a sufficiently effective solution and needs something stronger. And as it often happens, the best answers are hidden in nature, in particular in certain foods, oils and other preparations that are not necessarily designed for beauty, but they work. There are some recipes for the natural balm that you can do yourself, without much pain and cost.

Homemade recipes for lip balm

Rose petals and milk. Put some rose petals in a cup of raw milk and let it stand for two to three hours. Then crush the petals until you get a smooth paste that you can then apply to your lips. Allow it to work for 20 minutes and then rinse with lips with plain water. Rose petals have a nourishing effect as they contain vitamin E, while milk removes deep dirt and hydrates the lips.

Cucumber mask. This mask is the easiest way to do because all you have to do is crush a little cucumber and apply the paste. And you can simply slip the slices of cucumbers on your lips and leave them for 20 minutes. 90 percent of cucumber’s body makes it a perfect moisturizing agent, and it also contains vitamin C that stimulates making of collagen and makes them more resistant and more beautiful.

Aloe vera. The natural remedy for burns has soothing properties and helps with cracked skin. Aloe Vera gel merely is applied on a daily basis, as a balm, and for best results, keep it in the refrigerator. Aloe Vera has been known for medical purposes since ancient times and helps to soothe the skin as well as remove dead cells that prevent the development of new ones.

Green tea bags. This is a great recipe because nothing is left unused. After drinking a cup of favorite green tea, put the bag on your mouth and leave it for a few minutes. Make sure you do not do it too early so that you do not burn. Repeat this every time you drink tea, and the difference will soon be visible.

Coconut oil. This is another in a series of advantages that coconut oil brings to your spicy routine. Just apply it on your lips several times a day, instead of balms, and you can freely lick it from your skin because it is entirely natural. Fatty acids from coconut oil penetrate deep into the skin, and the lenses are inside, and the lips become softer and smoother to absorb vitamins.

Prevention To Nourished Lips

Vitamins. Lack of vitamin B, iron or essential fatty acids can lead to cracking and sweating of the lips. If you do not bring these vitamins and minerals in addition to diet, be sure to take supplements.

Water. To avoid the dehydration, drink large amounts of water during the winter period.

Air humidity. Be sure to place watercourses on the radiators or obtain a humidity appliance.

Lip balm. Use balm every day before they crack and start to wobble. Pay attention to using a conditioner that has a protective factor of at least 16.

Don’t bite and don’t rub your lips. All these nasty habits can lead to wounds and additional drying of the lips.

Carefully choose lipstick. Long lasting, dry charms can dry up your lips, so you’d prefer to select the creamy carmine textures that hydrate.

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