Natural Vetiver Oil  Against Anxiety

Natural Vetiver Oil  Against Anxiety

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Vetiver oil origin from southern Asia, but it can also be found in the southeast of this continent and in western Africa. You’ve probably never heard of it, and it has been used for thousands of years. Its leaves and roots have significant health benefits. Trought the history it is recognized as a potent Ayurvedic drug. It is believed to help with imbalance and disturbances. The brides massaged this oil before marriage.

In the Middle Ages, vetiver oil was also quite popular. Today it is often applied in the perfume industry.

Vetiver is considered by many cultures as a holy plant, and ancient civilizations praised it for an exciting, soothing, healing, and protective effect. Sri Lanka and India call it “oil of peace”. It has the ability to cool, so it is usually used in tropical countries. Benefits for treating heat strokes, joint disorders, and skin problems. But perhaps the maximum power of this oil is that it can significantly affect the reduction of anxiety symptoms.

Various studies have shown that vetiver oil can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. Increases libido and treats insomnia.

What do we know about the plant vetiver and how to produce oil?

This is a perennial grass from the Poaceae family. Vetiver has some similar morphological characteristics with citrus grass, palmarosa, and citronella oil.

It can grow up to five meters, and the leaves are long and thin. The flowers are brownish-purple, and the roots can be massive, up to eight feet in the ground. This tree can survive long, dry periods, and is especially crucial because deep roots stabilize grooves and embankments, preventing slides and slopes.

Vetiver oil is obtained from the root by the distillation. The substance is brown and has a sweet smell. It contains more than 100 components necessary for good health and proper development of the human’s body.

Miraculous oil health benefits

– Anxiety and nervousness. Vetiver oil is commonly used as an aromatherapy. It relaxes the body and relieves emotional stress, panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, and depression. Research has shown that vetiver oil has the same impact as Diazepam, which means treating anxiety, cramping muscles, seizures, and other health conditions.

– ADHD. One survey conducted in 2001, under the supervision of dr. Terri Friedman has confirmed that vetiver oil can help in the treatment of ADHD. The tests included more than 40 children aged 6 to 12 years.

Scientists used various ethereal oils – lavender, vetiver, cedar, and a mixture of incense, essential oils from sandalwood, miles, cedar, blue cypress, lavender, and helix. The task was that children absorb by breathing oil three times a day, and the results showed that vetiver oil increased performance in children by 100%.

The oil has a relaxing effect, which helps to relieve the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. Therefore it positively influences concentration, increases the focus, reduces difficulties with organization and tracking, impatience, and nervous behavior.

– It’s an excellent antioxidant. Vetiver oil has an intense activity to remove free radicals. The oil was compared with butylated hydroxytoluene and alpha-tocopherol.

– Treats scars and traces. Vetiver oil stimulates skin regeneration. It is used in various treatments of dark spots, acne or goddesses. It can reduce the effect of aging, remove stretch marks, cracks, and treat other skin problems. You can use it to treat burns and acne.

– Thanks to the antiseptic effect, vetiver oil prevents infection and destroys bacteria. It is used before and after wound healing operations.

– Aphrodisiac. Another later study shows that mental and physical stress leads to loss of libido. Therefore, the vetiver oil acts as a soothing and sedative agent, and relaxes your body and mind, helping you put your hormones under control. It affects the level of testosterone and has the power of estrogen. It strengthens the female reproductive system and balances the production of hormones. Vetiver oil can help women cope with menstrual discomforts, such as tiredness, bloating, skin problems, emotional changes, breast tenderness, and cramps.

It can be used as a natural cure for PMS cramps

– Strengthening immunity. Vetiver oil optimizes the immune system and reduces the toxic effect of cisplatin (chemotherapy).

When you are tense and worried, digestion, growth, reproduction, and immune system are suppressed.

– Termites. Vetiver oil is used to control termites but also to control the larvae of mosquitoes, which includes the occurrence of many dangerous infectious diseases. It is compared with cassia leaves, cloves, cedar, eucalyptus balls, eucalyptus citrus, citrus grass, and geranium oils.

You can find this medicinal oil in health food stores but try always to choose an organic product. It’s strong enough, and only a few drops are advised as a solution in the lukewarm or cold water. With this solution, you can wash your hair, rub it in the body, nourish the skin or treat the injury.

There are no cases of irritation. It is safe to use when used in small quantities. No interactions with drugs.

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