New Revolutionary Technology Brings Pajamas That Gives More Quality Sleep and Also Makes You Look Handsom

New Revolutionary Technology Brings Pajamas That Gives More Quality Sleep and Also Makes You Look Handsom

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Find it Hard to Fall Asleep?

One of every three adult persons in the world has troubles with lack of sleep. Lot of us were carrying this burden from the earliest childhood. Remember your old room, romper pajamas, and teddy bear?  It was a time when the demons were living under your bed, and shadow from the outside was making pretty scary faces on the wall. Some different creatures are bothering us nowadays.

We can’t get enough sleep even when we try hard. A stressful day, a lot of unfinished jobs, unread e-mails, and notifications that flashes from our smartphones are just a part of the problem. We try to eliminate all, to let some fresh air into our bedroom, get into our coziest pajamas and try to relax, and it still does not work. Perhaps, there is one thing we don’t consider to be a real cause – in what kind of wardrobe we are sleeping.

Luxury Pajamas Made From Specal Fabric

One company which deals with luxury sleepwear design and pajama manufacturing, named Lunya, created a revolutionary piece of clothes, new PJs that will improve your sleep. FDA has regulated it as a sleep-enhancing medical device.

Quite good-looking pajamas made of lovely and delicate breathable fabrics will help regulate your dream and provide you some rest finally. How is it even possible? New pajamas are made thanks to the trademark blend, including the already used in previous collections ‘Pima’ cotton fibers and Celliant, a fabric technology specially designed to improve sleep. The fabric is designed to absorb the body heat and turn it into infrared energy. It reflects to the skin and helps to repair and recharge the body while you sleep. The pajamas should boost the strength, energy, and stamina, also to help you recover faster after workouts.

The initial collection includes a long-sleeve shirt, maxi dress, a muscle tee, and shorts, all in two colors. Those ‘pajamas for better sleep’ are machine -washable and little bit expensive in comparison to conventional sleepwear.

However, according to a few people that already tried it, it is worth every penny.

More Brands Are Making Activewear

More and more sportswear and clothing brands are using fabric technology to improve the performance and quality of their new collections. It is not just about trends anymore, but the industry is trying to accomplish the full functionality of clothing — for example, sweat-wicking powers or soft compression for ultimate flexibility.

No matter what we prefer or what fits into our style, a night of good sleep and sweet dreams are always in fashion.

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