New Year’s Resolutions – Take them for real this time but beware, maybe they will come true

New Year’s Resolutions – Take them for real this time but beware, maybe they will come true

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New Year's Resolutions

How to give meaning to your New Year’s resolutions before spraying them with magic powder

Every single December, we have a plan – some crucial decisions and changes are about to happen after the New Year. So, in the end, what is actually going to happen? When long and cold January arrives, exhausted from holidays and celebrations, you are already tired of planning, and not even mention achieving your goals. The snooze button, blanket over your head, and the nap for 5 minutes more. Things do not have to be as hard as this. If you only know how to make a solid New Year’s resolutions list. The secret is not in planning, but in what your resolutions might be and how much you really want it.

We may have some wisdom to share with you when making a list. For a start, you should never do this because someone else is expecting it from you, and you honestly don’t crave to change anything. Or worse, you have, but not clearly defined and foggy.

Do you know at least what you are doing, specifically?

Please, don’t start thinking aloud in November – maybe I would like to do this or just to do that – no. If you want to lose weight, tell yourself: I want to get rid off 5 pounds for half a year; Or – I’m looking for a $ 100 rise in April; I will join the Chinese Porcelain Dolls Fan Association. Those are some strong resolutions, no fog, and no “something.” Do not start writing new year’s resolutions if you do not have a specific thing in your mind that you would tie in with and a wish that moved you.

No unicorns, please

The moment you come up with this “something” what will be your goal, try to behave like an adult. That means – New Year’s resolutions cannot be to become a millionaire (ok it can, but exclusively for some people) , to grow up10 inches or to see your dog from the childhood again. Keep it real. Of course, it’s delightful to have dreams, but if you really want to write something in your New Year’s resolutions, at least make it be possible and achievable like quit smoking, or philanthropic work, house renovation; A better relationship with parents, maybe?

If it is not edible, let it be touchable or at least measurable

Okay, let’s say that you have found the concrete goal that is feasible and since January 1, you’ve got really deep into resolutions’ solving, but, somewhere around March or April, it will be like you are running out of fuel, cannot remember why are you doing this at all, and why did you start it at first. One thing will give the wind back into your wings, and that is the evidence that you are on the right path to gaining something exceptionally good. Let’s take a simple example like weight loss and a couple of photos. You made a shot in January, after all these feasts and tons of food. Oh, that must look terrible (lucky, it’s solely for your records, not for Instagram). Then you continued to take photos every few weeks. When that fateful day comes, and you are not really in a mood for a workout, rather be eating the mountains of chocolate, take a look at your documents. List photos, see the difference! Continue to scroll, resume resolutions, and work toward goal accomplishment. Let the last photo of the evidence be that perfect shot for Instagram.

Wait a minute – why am I doing all this?

When you move into a life-changing process determined by the New Year’s resolutions, you fire a personal fight. Okay, maybe it sounds too dramatic, but it makes sense. There is no such social influence, trend or rules that will make you do something for yourself better and stronger than the need you feel deep inside. If that inner heat does not exist, then everything is insignificant. If you have to change your behavior after 30 because the society so says, remove tattoo because you want to get married, cut your hair and leave the band because you are a grownup and a responsible man – don’t bite on it. These changes must come from you, you must summon them. If you do not feel it, it’s not the time, it may never be. Better thing to do, put in New Year’s resolution the goal of harmonizing your inner self with the world you live in. You should never strive to change it.

Complete the resolutions from the last year to start new ones

New Year’s resolutions are not a rounded circle. They do not last a lifetime, and you don’t need your whole life to deliver them. Settle on the move, small changes, folding pieces of a giant puzzle. If you’ve drawn your goals and tools to get them, you just have to finish it all within a time-limit that you define yourself, and should be realistic.

New Year is a beautiful time for the year. Not just for gifts, days off and parties, certainly. This is the time when we celebrate. If the previous year were successful, we would celebrate our successes. If it wasn’t, well, then we’ll celebrate the chance we get with the new one coming. Our resolutions are symbolically linked to the calendar, and that’s good. Thus, we get the impression the fulfillment of these resolutions is moving from a fresh start, pure and without the burden of past failures. That’s why the New Year’s resolutions are significant, and that’s why they should be made and kept uncompromising and honest because they are actually winning many small victories we achieve all 365 days a year.

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