Nosebleed – Symptoms, causes and home remedies

Nosebleed – Symptoms, causes and home remedies

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Do you remember school days and those dramatic moments when someone in the classroom starts to nosebleed? This event is so common, there is almost no person in the world who did not experience it. Even if this is a very unpleasant feeling for those who suffer nosebleed and for those who attend, this situation in most cases does not represent a more significant health danger.

Nosebleed or epistaxis is a common condition

According to statistics, very few people seek medical assistance with these conditions, even when they become more frequent and not sporadic. In human life, there are two striking periods when these episodes are more frequent, and that is the period of growing up, between the second and tenth years of life and the second period between the fifties and eighties, in adult people.

Nosebleed or epistaxis is bleeding in the nostril area in most cases. Sometimes it happens that the bleeding starts from the nasopharynx, a part of the nose where two nostrils are meeting. Then the bleeding is much more extensive.

What causes the nosebleed?

Nose bleeding comes due to trauma. Even a slight injury or punch can cause the capillary burst and bleeding. Sometimes even trauma can have a delayed effect. Also, the nosebleed can begin as a result of an allergy, chronic rhinitis, high blood pressure, with a cold, or in people with septum deformity.

During this unpleasant experience, blood can be spilled from one nostril to another, even lower down the throat into the stomach. Then it can come to spitting or vomiting blood. Indications of excessive blood may be unconsciousness, dizziness, or migraine in children. Bleeding gums and blood in the urine. Easy bruising is one of the critical symptoms.

Home treatment of nosebleed

Nosebleed is a condition that can cause us at any moment. It is essential, especially for children, to learn the necessary steps to stop it. For a start, the proper positioning of the body with a forward-facing head can stop the flow. Pressure is another solution. Try direct pressure on the front of the nose to stop the nosebleed.

There are also medical products for ending such as nasal decongestants like Neosynephrine, but we can recommend a home remedy that everyone probably has in their home – apply vaseline every day to the front of the nose, to moisture the area and prevent bleeding due to dryness.

Make yourself a physiological saline solution by boiling one spoon of salt in the water. This solution is used lukewarm several times a day. Saline drops are also very useful in preventing nosebleed and are used 3-4 times a day.

Nosebleed is something we get used to and doesn’t upset us so much. However, when it happens, it leads us to an unpleasant situation if we do not know how to stop it. Again, we should be cautious if this situation is increasingly occurring. Nosebleed is not tuberculosis but certainly deserves a medical opinion in chronic cases.

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