Office Workers Are More Prone to Sweets and Extra Calories

Office Workers Are More Prone to Sweets and Extra Calories

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1.292 – The exact number of extra calories U.S. office workers enter weekly

Americans are known worldwide for their passion for sweets. There is practically no Hollywood movie without donuts at the police station, vending machines with sweets and a bunch of delicacies in community rooms. An office is a boring place. If you take out the work you have to do. There’s nothing more delightful than short breaks to walk down the company halls, scan what other colleagues are doing and enjoy some vending machine contents. Office space is often used for social after-work hours, celebrations, anniversaries. The tradition is to get something to eat and drink as well.

Eating more often and in small amounts is recommended by nutritionists, but most of these office snacks have no nutritional value. Not like you are keeping any broccoli or carrot in the drawer. These are mostly sweets and fast food, filled with sugar, unhealthy fats, and carbs.

A recent study has shown that a more significant number of office workers in the U.S., more than 25%, suffers from extra weight, just as most of them bring in calories during working hours. To be precise, 1292 calories more per week are entered by each person.

Well, if we put ourselves on stress, improper sitting, artificial light, closed space, 8 hours a day, and add to this unhealthy food and calories, could we say that office work can kill us eventually?

How much is that on the plate?

This amount of calories is like having another whole day in the week eating the amount of food you eat when you want to lose weight. Or, as if you just finished two massive Whoppers from Burger King. Maybe it doesn’t look so dangerous to you, but you should know – this only includes those 8 hours spent in the office. How many calories do you get at home, while watching TV or playing a favorite game? Can you extract these extra calories into burgers or donuts? Does it seem too much, now?

Efforts to introduce new habits with office staff

American Center for Disease Control and Prevention considered this statistics alarming and disturbing. It is necessary to have an awareness of obesity as the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. All those conditions lead to depression and frequent absence from work.

Office workers are a risk category. Not only they can’t engage in physical activity during the day, but they are exposed to stress and have proven to be prone to fattening with sweets and snacks. Cakes, candies, energy drink, salty peanuts, a slice of pizza, soda. All this makes break more pleasant but think on the long runs.

America is a nation with an obvious obesity problem. And there is a lot of work on raising awareness and changing habits. If you wish to bring in school canteens some healthy food for your children, how can you do it if the same example does not come from your office?

Many companies have started actions and programs that involve their employees. These programs include the replacement of unhealthy snacks for nutritionally-valuable food, catering, or a shared kitchen. They even started collective programs for weight loss and abstinence from sweets, where at the end of the month, the employee with the highest results is rewarded. This should motivate all office workers, but other people too, to find the balance and be moderate. Peace of cake or an ice creams are not a crime, however, if you notice that your drawers are filled with chocolate bars, it’s time to work on your habits seriously.

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