Organized but still not managing to accomplish your tasks?

Organized but still not managing to accomplish your tasks?

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There are a lot of factors that might procrastinate us when it comes to accomplishing our tasks and obligations, be they personal or professional. Even a to-do list often is not quite enough to help us organize or to manage our time and circumstances. There is the possibility that a lot of psychological factors may be the primary trigger for doing so, but to recognize the core of the problem is the first step that leads to its solution.


What could be eventual distractions?

Sometimes we succumb to the influence of the modern era distractors such as tv, social networks, and media, without noticing it. Besides that, our working conditions and atmosphere may be the triggers why we get from one task to another, never really finishing the work. Your colleagues, your boss, and numerous clients seem to always have new demands, as well as e-mails and endless phone calls.

A few examples are offered in this article to help you recognize the main triggers and obstacles.

Perfectionism doesn’t necessarily have to be a lousy characteristic

The first reaction to the mentioning of a perfectionist is often negative, but it makes a difference depending on the emotion it invokes. Why should it be considered as a bad feature to desire to do your work and accomplish the tasks doing your best and want to be the best at your profession? The main difference is here: if it does you any harm, it is not healthy for your lifestyle and the stress accumulated due to it may be one of the triggers. It is possible that it demands too much time for you to do the work and with all other distractions that cross your path, it becomes only worse. The primary goal is to recognize it as a problem or not, cause it could be an outstanding characteristic that might help you prosper in your career. It is just that we often have strong, wrong beliefs without even thinking of its purpose. Use it as your tool to succeed and try to manage other factors that distract you.

Poor at time management and organization in general

Everything can be done if there exists a proper organization. It is the first and crucial factor. The time is one of those features that require organization and management. Also, our state of mind contributes a lot to the messy life we lead, because the person who continually believes he has no time indeed won’t have it ever. You have to determine before you start with any project or tasks the appropriate portion of time necessary and in advance. Successful and intelligent people always tend to manage their time and respect the given deadlines wisely.

No use in postponing your tasks

Now that you’ve learned that managing time and organization, in general, is one of the critical components, the next step is to understand that postponing anything won’t bring the desired results. It will only make the mess in your organization and lead to more work to accumulate. Especially when it comes to your job and career, it seems very unprofessional to provide any kind of excuses and it is not good for the business at all. Try spending less time on social networks or similar things, and maybe you save some time to accomplish your tasks.

Fear factor

Behind the stress and lack of organization often lies fear without having it realized. We are often afraid and preoccupied with thoughts will we ever manage to do it or out finish work until the specific deadline. It can profoundly decrease our productivity and thus affect our general professional confidence as well as the work that awaits to be done.

Doing other’s people’s duties

Your work atmosphere demands cooperation and respect, and these circumstances may be related to the presence of fear, being afraid of offending someone or not having the necessary courage to fulfill your own tasks before the others. Diligent worker and colleague is an excellent characteristic, but doing other’s people’s tasks won’t let yours be solved and done.

These are only the habits unconsciously rooted in our mind and behavior, but they can make a real disaster in our professional and private life. Nobody wants to get stuck with infinite loads of work and lose the precious time we could otherwise, spend with our family or doing something good for us. Awake every moment in the present, be in that particular moment, the solution may appear just like that, and you may reach the explanation for not getting the things done.

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