When Persistent Candida Attacks – Defend Yourself With a Healthy Diet

When Persistent Candida Attacks – Defend Yourself With a Healthy Diet

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Do you like sweets, but lately, you are feeling stronger digestive problems, fatigue, and mood swings? It seems that you have become a member of an increasingly popular club in the world – people with Candida.

Candida is a yeast that lives in your digestive tract, and under certain circumstances, its values ​​are greatly enhanced, overwhelming all those “good” bacteria in our intestines. Then the true complications appear, manifested through the following symptoms: poor digestion, fatigue, mood swings, rash, flatulence, gases, genital infections, respiratory tract germs, allergies.

Candida increases its value in the intestines as a result of consuming antibiotics, steroids, contraception. Often is struck by diabetes, but it has the most connection to diet. Food is a cause and a cure for candida. Whether you just feel that you got it, want to prevent it or cure it, some foods must be entirely taken out of use, including your favorite dishes, too. The worst triggers of candida are carbs – sweets mainly. But candida also includes fried and processed food, nutrition full of starch, glucose and the like.

If you want to cure the candida and get rid of this feeling of burden in the stomach you will have to follow specific rules in the diet. No matter how sad this restraint is, your favorite food actually feeds the candida.

Foods you have to say goodbye

  1. Refined sugar and sweets. Unfortunately, they are first on the list. All types of desserts should be thrown out in full. Likewise, sugars that are found in foods that you don’t even know to contain them, such as salad dressings or protein shakes. Fructose is equally suitable for feeding candida, so fruits and dry fruit containing excessive fructose and glucose should be eliminated.
  2. Alcohol. For many reasons, you must give up the wine or beer after work. First, both wine and beer contain yeast. The wine contains plenty of sugar, while beer includes gluten. The next thing – alcohol affects the immune system and weakens it, so the chances of resistant disease such as candida are limited.
  3. Juices and dried fruits. Unfortunately, even if they are very beneficial regarding other health benefits, most juices contain fruit sugar and should be avoided. With dried fruit, the conditions are clear – the dried fruits are pure sugar concentration. However, avocado or Granny Smith are some of them that you can eat. You may also drink lemonade with ginger, which is even a great fighter against candida.
  4. Vegetables and cereals containing gluten and starch, white flour – are equally harmful to the digestive problems caused by this yeast. All legumes should be avoided as well as vegetables that grow beneath the ground. Eat broccoli or cauliflower instead.
  5. Mushrooms – They belong to the same yeast family as candida so they can cause the same problems during your treatment.
  6. Milk products do not have a direct connection with candida, but in many people, it causes inflammation and irritation in the gut, which makes it more sensitive to candidiasis.

Tips for anti-candida diet

Obviously, you will have to give up not only your favorite tastes, but also foods that have a rich nutritional value, and for those who do not have digestive problems, they are the right sources of health. Candida is persistent and very resistant. That’s why you must be, too. It is so widespread that medicine is no longer treating it as a disease, but rather as a condition. And to make a little bit easier a fight against this nasty yeast, here are some foods that you would like to apply:

  • coconut oil, olive oil
  • vegetables that grow above the ground, ginger
  • lemon juice, avocado, blueberries, green apples
  • probiotic yogurt and kefir
  • eggs, white meat, fish meat
  • bread from whole grains, coconut bread
  • garlic
  • cinnamon

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