Please Stop Asking Dr. Internet for Health Advice

Please Stop Asking Dr. Internet for Health Advice

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Online ‘Symptom Checkers’ misses more diagnosis than guess it

The Internet can be an important starting point for exploring your health. It can help you find a proper diet, exercise plan, natural supplements. It does not mean that you will identify the symptoms, find a diagnosis, learn how to make a medicine, watch a tutorial how to perform a surgery on yourself, and eventually, to become a doctor thanks to the Internet. No, don’t even think about it.

When we talk about health, you should always consult professional health organizations. Statistics show, online symptom checkers on the Internet are valid only in one-third of cases, so never rely on them for diagnosis. Wrong information can lead you to an illusion. People often start a panic and becoming paranoid. On the other hand, the Internet can say – there is nothing wrong with you, but instead, you could be suffering some severe health concern. The worst scenario is, you will waste a lot of valuable time. Instead, talk to your doctor about your findings to determine how accurate they are and what you can do to improve your health.

Use authorized sites of official health organizations to be informed

Automated online “symptom check-ups,” giving patients a quick chance of self-diagnosis that is correct in one-third of cases, reveals a new analysis. A lot of Google searching will not lead you to the right information. Think of only thousands and thousands of unqualified sources that have equal access to the Internet. On the other hand, free online services offered on the Internet by medical institutions, hospitals, even government agencies in many countries can be more helpful in finding the right diagnosis, if you are not ready to visit a doctor.

The investigation also showed that online medical browsers are equally accurate as telephone services given by doctors of primary care who provide patients with advice on whether the condition requires urgent care. The goal of these symptom tests is to try to simplify the process by which people on the Internet are searching for information on health problems.

These internet web sites will help to uncover suspicion, but will equally refer to ’emergency’ patients for the first healthcare facility, without waiting for the problem to escalate.

Accuracy analysis of the online checker system

In 2014, a study was held on the accuracy of the data you receive with the help of internet checking symptoms in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Poland. The study involved 23 different free internet checkers in the English language. Some had symptoms offered it tabs, while with other people needed to enter the concepts themselves. By generating the entered parameters, these internet diagnostics gave valid diagnoses in a third of cases, and about half of them were found in the first three offered options.

Misunderstanding and giving fake images

The Internet is an extensive and valuable source of information. When it comes to health, we can get the first knowledge and provide first aid. However, Internet symptom checkers are a lot. Many of them can give false results. Further, sometimes, the list of symptoms is too long and difficult to handle.

On the other hand, it may not contain an option to describe the difficulty that you feel accurate.

More dangerous, many websites are using different marketing tricks to attract as much attention as possible in order to earn more. That’s why you will often see scandalous titles, inscriptions that will scare you or make you panic. Take it all with a gram of salt. Many of these texts are excessive and unnecessary drama. Secondly, they are written by incompetent and unskilled people. So, believe the Internet as much as your intuition. And when you experience significant health problems, visit your doctor and approach the problem with thinking and on time.

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