Popular Indian Spice Cumin or Jeera Has Countless Benefits for Beauty and Health

Popular Indian Spice Cumin or Jeera Has Countless Benefits for Beauty and Health

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India is a country known for traditional cultivating and using many spices. For centuries, all parts of the world are supplying with the weirdest and most wonderful flavors from this country. In addition to the exotic meals we can prepare, we have learned a lot about the health benefits of plants and spices. Cumin seeds or Jeera is one of the most popular spices in this area. It is added to almost all dishes and can be used daily. Its benefits to human health are simply enormous.

Cumin Tea for weight loss

It is known that the rich taste of cumin seeds or jeans can sufficiently sate you. Except that you will not feel hungry, it speeds up metabolism. Therefore, tea from these seeds is used in order to lose weight. Its preparation is quite easy. In one cup of water, add seeds and cook for 10 minutes. It can be drunk daily after each meal, even up to five times a day.

Cumin or jeer seeds in the service of a beautiful and healthy skin

This Indian spice has many positive effects on how our skin looks like. First, it can reduce the aging process, or rejuvenate it. The cumin applies to the face, and the layer acts as a mask that fills the wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new fine lines.

Cumin water can cure itching and irritation of the skin. If you suffer from any kind of body rash or excessive temperature, boil some seeds, then wash your body with that water after its cold. Slows inflammation on the skin. It is the same with burning sensations on the hands or feet, which appear suddenly and are very unpleasant.

A wide range of skin disorders treatments is possible with the help of oil coming from this wonderful seed thanks to the large amount of vitamin E. It can be used for pimples, fungal diseases and to accelerate healing of the skin. Notably, it is the right combination with yogurt when it comes to burns from the sun.

In the end, cumin is not there only when a skin problem occurs, it can be excellent care and cosmetics. Make the mask so that you will mix this seed with turmeric in a ratio of 1: 3 and apply on the face every day. It has anti-toxic effects, cleans the skin and solves the irregularities. The skin becomes soft and shiny.

Cumin or jeer seeds in the service of beautiful and healthy hair

Hair requires special care. In order to give it the best, it’s good to use products from nature. Hence, cumin seed again takes on its role.

First, if you have a problem with hair loss, make a mixture by heating the seed with olive or coconut oil. When it cools down, massage it on a scalp. Leave overnight. This mixture promotes the growth of new one and prevents hair loss.

Mask for long and shiny hair. Boil the seed in the water until it half evaporates. When the water cools, add one egg. Add a spoon of olive oil, and you will get a fantastic and nutritious hair mask from which each hair will look healthier and shiny. Keep it on for 30 minutes then rinse with the shampoo.

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