Practice Forgiveness – It Leads You to the Spiritual Freedom

Practice Forgiveness – It Leads You to the Spiritual Freedom

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When someone hurt you, intentionally or not, the pain that comes becoming a severe emotional burden, and seems like a steady pressure on your chest. It is usually hard to give forgiveness and move on. But if you allow getting attached to this cargo, you become the center of negative energy. It is circulating into you, continuously reminding of the pain that load has created. And in that way, it becomes both, physical and mental burden, a sturdy backpack that slows you down in your life. Pain and anxiety come back in time. But there is a solution, you can reach it, but only if you really want it. Forgiveness.

Of course, forgiveness is not a magic wand. If you excuse someone for what they did, it does not mean that your emotional pain and memory will disappear overnight. But it comes in small steps, in your mind and pure heart. It happens only when the person that is hurt so much is absolutely ready to do it.

Forgiveness leads to a deeper understanding

To be ready to forgive someone, you have to be able to understand his position and look at things he has done from another perspective. Don’t have to deal with that, just try to understand. Because if you choose to understand their thoughts and feelings when they said or did things that hurt you, you are capable of opening the door to empathy, which can lead you to forgiveness and emotional freedom.

It allows you to leave the past behind

It will give you the power to get rid of the pain and suffering you are carrying from the past. Most people find that forgiveness helps the person who caused the pain. This might be true to some extent, but more importantly, it is that it allows you (as victims) the freedom of suffering. The sincere act of forgiveness will again embrace emotional stability. The past will no longer be repeated in your mind. Your body, mind, and spirit will receive deserved peace.

Forgiveness invokes your most compassionate side

To be able to forgive, apart from understanding, you need to learn how to develop compassion. And forgiveness requires your most sincere sympathy for the behavior of the person who has hurt you. A different look at that person will ease that burden on your chest.

Forgiveness calms and liberates you from anger

When you feel pity, and you start forgiving someone, it really calms you down. With forgiveness is tied a whole range of health benefits and helps your body reduce the risk of chronic illness. Some of the health benefits are less anxiety, stress, and negativity, lower blood pressure, reduced symptoms of depression, better heart health.

Create inner strength by forgiving

The strength of forgiveness is a mighty virtue. Great power, understanding, and compassion are needed. But also, time and patience. These qualities will build the strength of your character and help you to realize that you are just a man with a lot of flaws. By recognizing and acknowledging your disadvantages, you create a stronger sense of self-confidence and the ability to see each one as yourself.

Forgiveness opens the way to greater spiritual knowledge

Forgiveness at a specific moment requires spirituality. Even if you are not a religious person, your ability to sincerely forgive opens up a beautiful spiritual path. With forgiveness, you begin to live life on a different level. It is not just a task or experience. It is linked to your emotional side, and that part of the mind is also responsible for spirituality.

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