The Most Profound Impact That Moon Has on Human Health and Behavior

The Most Profound Impact That Moon Has on Human Health and Behavior

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What is so strong that can move the oceans, and at the same time invisible to the human eye?

What many people see today as a superstition, is actually scientifically supported many times by exact numbers and measures, and it enters almost all aspects of life on Earth – the Moon and its phases. Since ancient times, people were trying to harmonize their lives with the Lunar cycles. It is clear they have a significant influence on people’s behavior, physical state, sea tides, or plant growth. We navigate ships and planes according to it. Even today, the basic unit of time – a week, comes from one cycle of the Moon, calculated in the old Babylon.

A particular branch of science – Chronobiology studies biological changes and biological rhythms, their impact on the health and behavior of people. Within such scientific theory,  we proved the Moon’s magnificent power. Perhaps it is easiest to explain through the fact that the human body in more than 70% consists of water. How do we know that Earth’s satellite has an impact on raising and lowering the ocean and the sea, then you can assume that the same tide can also be made in the human organism.

Full Moon brings more energy. Sometimes it seems that people can not manage to cope with the explosion of power they receive. That is why we often associate the full moon period with aggressive behavior, crime, even in superstition, with the emergence of various supernatural creatures and phenomena. But we must learn how to make the power of the natural satellite to work for our benefit.

Moon will awaken the basic and strongest emotion in you. If it is negative, changes through the phases could have a negative effect on health and mood. But in the opposite case, you can fly to the stars, experiencing the real tide of feeling and will.

How do people move through the Lunar phases?

Every lunar phase lasts for one week, which means that in a month, the Moon passes through 4 stages: the young Moon, the first quarter, the full Moon, and the last phase that is called the last quarter. Visually, if you do imagine a timelapse, it would look as if the Moon is breathing and stretching or slowly growing and disappearing, and so on.

The first two phases – in which the Moon grows – should be used for planning and new beginnings. If you compare the growth of the astral body with a light yoga breathing exercise, then in the first 15 days you will be able to free yourself from stress, to start with new habits and to cleanse the body and mind from harmful toxins and thoughts. Judging by Chronobiology, this is the time when we are full of energy.

After the peak when the Moon is full, comes the time when the decline occurs. This is the time when you should be dedicated to yourself, to work moderately but intense, finishing the jobs you have started. Reduction of the Moon is a time for relaxation and recovery. Those who deal with meditation will have great help from the sky.

What’s a Moon’s diet?

A large group of nutritionists who live in synchronization with the Lunar phases, recommend the so-called Moon Diet. It turns to be trendy for decades. In fact, it is 24-hour fasting that begins at the moment when the Moon enters the stage of a young or full Moon. Those two days require a lot of fluids (from 2 to 4 liters of water or natural juices). Except for these days of the month, the Moons’ diet involves refraining from caloric foods in the first two phases, while in the so-called period of decline, you can afford a treat or two.

It is thought that this moderate diet can help you lose up to 3 kilograms a month, but also, it is a considerable body detox, and it is certainly recommended to everyone.

So, if you’re ready – try it out. It’s an absolutely natural phenomenon that can not harm you. Track your own sense and your needs. You will see if they are, and how they can be associated with the most beautiful glittering decoration above our heads and one of the largest sources of energy in nature – magnificent Moon.

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