Public Restrooms Issue – Don’t Let Lousy Digestion Ruin Your Vacation

Public Restrooms Issue – Don’t Let Lousy Digestion Ruin Your Vacation

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When traveling, do you have a constipation issue?

Airport runway, lack of time, change of environment and public restrooms are a huge problem even for the most experienced travelers around the world. When traveling, in addition to the changes that you desired and planned in your life, your body experiences the difference, same. Regular use of restrooms for a lot of reasons becomes complicated, and there is a real problem. Until recently, the theme of “relieving” was a little bit taboo and something that people were ashamed to discuss. However, 40 years ago, a first survey was conducted, which involved thousands of passengers. As part of this study, the interviewers reviled that over 30% received a tropical stomach bug while traveling and very unpleasant diarrhea, while around 15% found that they had constipation during the trip.

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Jet Lag. First, when traveling, you leave your routine. All the habits you have at home, amongst other things, getting rid of the burden in restrooms, becomes upside down in your daily schedule. The body is a delicate mechanism and every sudden change shakes of the whole system. Switching time zones, sleep disorder and meals affect the entire system of welding and restroom usage. It is essential to maintain your routine, no matter what you are already on the other side of the world.

Adjusting local food. Don’t attack traditional specialties immediately. In most countries where you travel for vacation, foods used in cuisine are so much different than those at home. That’s one of the reasons why you’re traveling, of course, but be tactful. Get on the way with high amounts of water, fiber food, and coffee that can be great laxatives. Get to know the local kitchen step by step, when you overcome the first shock, and your body adjusts to the changes.

Stomach bug. Especially in tropical areas, it is very easy to pick up some of the stomach viruses in cruisers, planes, public spaces, and restrooms. Hotels, bars, restaurants, are a true paradise for these bugs that generally have no significant consequences, but they can ruin your vacation. Wash your hands regularly and use restrooms that seems reliably and hygienically correct. Always carry a probiotic with you.


Do not delay. Make yourself comfortable just like at home. Many people delay and feel uncomfortable when they are forced to use public restrooms. It can be a psychological barrier that will lead the person to the constipation because he is unwilling to use any other toilet other the one in his own home. Also, avoidance and condemnation due to the lack of privacy often can tie the pipes into the node and make a real nightmare of your vacation. Relax; nevertheless, everything is a matter of nature and is absolutely the same problem for every human being in the world.

In the end, the public restrooms are really not the most attractive side of traveling, but they are necessarily disastrous. It is essential to feel comfortable and feel free to do what you got to do – if you know what we mean. Keep your routine. Try to behave just like at home. Do not hold back and adapt to new conditions. It is essential that you do not spend your seven days of vacation with the feeling of a hundred-tone massive whale,  and that you will explode every second, like a cepelin. So, release yourself in your mind. Public toilet, an antibacterial gel, tones of paper tissues. Keep calm and walk smooth. This will make your holiday better, for sure.

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