Pyrotechnics Is Dangerous to Health and the Environment – This Holiday Season, Keep it Away from Children and Pets

Pyrotechnics Is Dangerous to Health and the Environment – This Holiday Season, Keep it Away from Children and Pets

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“It’s the absolutely most wonderful time of the year”

The holiday season, finally. The Christmas spirit has overwhelmed us all. Cities, squares, roofs, windows – everything is ready and decorated with millions of lights, pine tree branches, ornaments. Although, this is the time of the year when we may become too “festive” and exalt in celebration. We’re talking about firecrackers. Yes. These miniature bombs, along with other pyrotechnics, are an indispensable part of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and bring great fun to some (to the half). The other half, for the truth, doesn’t like the holidays just because of them. Loud and irritating firecrackers, detonations, rockets, dangerous sprayers and fireworks in the hands of unqualified people. All this works too risky and harmful.

The noise caused by pyrotechnics leads to anxiety, increased stress and fears among many citizens. The impact is mainly on heart patients, older people, and children. Also, we all know that our favorite puppies and kitties are experiencing severe trauma during the holiday season, because of this kind of celebration.

The injuries that you can get from explosive devices, even those you consider toys should not be discussed. Pyrotechnics of higher order can cause serious wounds. These are mostly hand injuries, fingers, burns, but also, there are cases when amputation of the limb is needed at the end, or when a person who was close to the explosive, completely lose his sight.

Certainly, pyrotechnics can be a hazardous game that often doesn’t have a happy ending. But if you cannot resist, you feel that the holidays are not the same without fireworks, a few things you should know before you buy those boxes.

What you need to know about pyrotechnics

Never buy pyrotechnics from the street, from unknown sellers, and without a label. Without a proper declaration, a broken pyrotechnic can have more than devastating results. We had the opportunity, unfortunately, to see this in the past years. The news is full of burnt warehouses, injured persons, huge material and health damage.

First, such dangerous flammable and explosive items can only be sold by a licensed seller, one who has a license to hold and sell pyrotechnic equipment. In these specialized shops, you will find rockets, fireworks, firecrackers that are, concerning strength, distributed in several categories. The seller is obliged, in addition to the declaration on the product, to turn your attention to the power of the explosive device and the risks if it is inadequately handled. The pyrotechnics seller must never sell dangerous equipment to minors.

In most countries, high-class pyrotechnics are illegal and forbidden for use, not only in public places but, for example, in your yard. It can cost you quite many financial penalties. The usage of firecrackers is considered for the public order and peace distraction, while inflaming rockets and fireworks without authorization and license may represent the threatening to security and safety of other citizens.

So many pets die from fear during the holidays

Unfortunately, we are probably unaware of how much the noise made by pyrotechnics causes fear to our dear pets. An enormous number, especially dogs, dies from a heart attack during Christmas holidays, precisely caused by the noise of the firecrackers, rockets, and missiles. Furthermore, in fear and panic, they often try to escape. This is how they lose, being on the street alone and scared, at risk of never finding a way home or get hitting by a car.

If you are the keeper of a cat, dog, or any other kind of gentle animals, get rid of pyrotechnics. Bring your furry friend into the house, don’t let them be exposed to their worst fears. If you are, on the other hand, a next-door-neighbor, try to understand. Please, don’t throw firecrackers, on behalf of all pets.

The fireworks are magnificent, really. Christmas is a time when we all need to relax and enjoy. Think about how you want to spend it. Wouldn’t it be better to leave fireworks and rocket launching to professionals? So, turn on your Christmas lights, get your dog inside, gather kids and friends, and watch millions of colors from a safe distance spilling over the sky. Firecrackers – well, they are not anything special to be worth such the risk.

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