Rather be Fit than Rich! Scientistic Proof – Training Makes People Happier Than Money Do

Rather be Fit than Rich! Scientistic Proof – Training Makes People Happier Than Money Do

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It’s not a cliche – health is more important than economics

It is clear that financial security brings us peace of mind and certainly the ability to spend our free time with more quality. Nevertheless, the world in which we somehow have turned off the road, and we didn’t notice -our entire life ran by us while we were racing a better salary, more expensive cars or more digits on the bank account. Now, science confirms the good old wisdom – money is not happiness. What is the secret? Recent research shows that things like sport or regular training can produce a more significant amount of satisfaction with an adult man than material things.

Regular exercise affects the improvement of the general health of a person but equally gives physical and mental strength. If we look at training as a flow of energy, whereby we empty everything negative, and by strengthening and new achievements, we supplement our emotional deficiencies; We recall that training is actually a mental weapon necessary for a fulfilled life. And yes, those who go through stress and exhaustion trying to reach some kind of material status, know that mental power is actually the first thing necessary for every human being on the planet.

A comprehensive study by Oxford and Yale on training makes people happier than money

To prove the previous thesis, scientists with the two most prestigious universities in the US conducted a study that involved an incredible number of as many as 1.2 million Americans. Every person was individually questioned about the following things – How many times have you felt bad in the past month? This question implied answers in several aspects: stress, depression, nervousness, concern, sadness and similar emotional states.

The second question was about their income.

Finally, the third question implied the physical activity they were dealing with in the past 30 days. Among the offered responses there were 75 different activities or training types, from the lawn mowing and housework to training in gym, cycling or yoga.

If we take into account the answers to the first and last question – people who have regular training are on average 35 days a year in a bad mood. Those who do not exercise, have 18 bad days more during the year.

However, when scientists compared people who regularly exercise, with people who don’t practice any kind of training but earn a lot, they noticed almost the same level of satisfaction and fulfillment in the life of both sides.

Furthermore, the survey suggests that dissatisfied people must earn more significant sums of money to compensate for the positive emotions that those who are in training are receiving.

It seems that American scientists have made an obvious pattern by which we can evaluate our mental health. Massive sums of money can be a great pleasure but bring very stressful effects. The average amount of income does not bring total fulfillment in life, nor enough willpower to physically activate. But, physical activation and regular training without significant resources, can bring a great deal of satisfaction to your life.

Training brings happiness, but do not exaggerate

It is clear that sport affects mental health and makes people happy. However, we need to know which intensity of training is recommended. If you are steadily increasing the volume of training, it doesn’t mean you will be happier.

Training is part of your lifestyle. It’s good to practice some form of sports 3-5 times a week for up to an hour. Anything more than that would be excessive and manic. And this kind of behavior again leads to disturbed mental health and balance.

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