All the Reasons Why Undereye Bags Will Not Disappear

All the Reasons Why Undereye Bags Will Not Disappear

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Undereye Bags

Black, swollen or big – no one likes them

Tightened and smooth face is a beauty synonym all over the world. We all strive for this, buy various creams, pay luxurious treatments. We even decide to go under the knife. Proud of our caring years, a hydrated face and a beautiful tan. Nevertheless, something ruins the perfect picture – undereye bags. Oh, they seem like they are saying how tired and broken you are. We want to cover, make them disbaappear, but it is not so easy to fight with them. These bags won’t go anyway. They usually arise due to a health problem, the smaller or larger. Body warns us. Dehydration, loss of water, but the accumulation of unhealthy fluids can occur due to severe problems, for example, with kidneys, but also in not so serious situations as lousy night sleep or bad cosmetic product. There’re many tricks to lose undereye bags or at least minimize them.

First, we need to know how undereye bags appear

To manage to get rid of them, we need to know how they originated. Here are some reasons why your face looks tired and unhealthy, no matter how you feel different:

Take it easy with salt. You need to reduce the consumption of too salty food, especially in the evening. If you bring too much salt for dinner, the water will find its way from parts of the organism with less to the highest sodium content. The water makes the disgusting black undereye bags.

Allergy and colds. Irritation of the mucous membrane and sinus inflammation lead to redness in eyes and therefore the appearance of the puffs in the form of unwanted undereye bags. If you repair the causes of cold or prevent the occurrence of allergy in the season with adequate medications, you can make undereye bags disappear. Another advice, use the net pot, the treatment of nostrils washing with salt water, which will purify the sinuses.

Sleeping on your stomach? Collecting liquids is actually the cause of the unredeye bags. If you stack positioned on the stomach, under the influence of gravity, the water will gather under the eyes. Try changing position, sleeping on your back or on a side. Add an extra pillow.

Remove makeup before bedtime. Regardless of whether you were lying on time or after the night out, makeup in the eye area will have that morning-after effect. Make sure to remove it using cosmetics and rinse your face.

Avoid alcohol. The undereye bags goes along with this habit. However, you should know that one glass of wine also makes the body less hydrated. That’s why undereye bags appear with a hangover. Try to avoid alcohol, or, if you are taking some time for fun, drink plenty of water, especially before sleeping.

Smokers also have a dry face-skin and black under eyes, due to dehydration. Stop smoking.

Use a UV protection lotion – the same for your face as for the body. Face wrinkles are made of sun, and sunburns can cause swollen undereye bags.

Make a Spa treatment for your eyes. If you are working too long and hard and your job involves full-time screen watching, your eyes are surely tired. Tired eyes are not only painful, but they become red, and undereye bags are more pronounced. Treat your eyes with one royal treatment. You can do it by the way, while resting on the couch, talking on the phone, pausing. Use frozen spoons, tea bags or cucumber slices.

Choose the correct cosmetics and makeup. Lousy and cheap cosmetic products can inflict more damage than if not use them at all. Choose a good eye cream, use it daily and adequately. Undereye bags cannot disappear overnight, or with just one cream application, but daily care can make them less visible. In each case, there are excellent correctors, foundations and powders to return your fresh and stunning look, whenever necessary.

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