Refresh The Brilliant Glow of Your Hair – Coconut Oil as First Aid on Hot Summer Days

Refresh The Brilliant Glow of Your Hair – Coconut Oil as First Aid on Hot Summer Days

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Summer is the most demanding season when it comes to skin and hair care. You are regularly exposed to high temperatures, UV radiation brought by sunny days. Also, you sweat more and need to cool off by the sea or swimming pool. You are well prepared to protect your body with sunscreen or clothes, but what about your hair? During the summer, hair requires much more hydration and attention. It became dry and cracked due to direct UV radiation, chlorine from the pool, and too much treatment because you will have to re-shape it every day after the beach or pool. It is also necessary to provide the essential hair protection and regenerating agents to preserve the shine and its natural, healthy appearance. There are some things you can prepare yourself in your kitchen, which will restore the desired look, for example – a coconut mask.

How to nourish your hair during the summer

Just like the skin, you can protect your hair by avoiding sunny days. It is, however, impossible to do all summer, so we recommend to cover it with a hat or a scarf. These fashion details can only be helpful, besides, to look beautiful and trendy on you. Also, you can buy one of the UV-protective products recommended by all significant hair cosmetics manufacturers.

Coconut Oil mask

What you can do for the glowing shine of your hair is preparing a coconut mask. This home recipe is straightforward and very useful. First, put one spun of coconut oil into a smaller pot. At the barely warm temperature, melt coconut oil. Do not allow it to overheat, but just melt. Add one whole egg to coconut oil. Make sure the ingredients are good mixed. The mask is applied to the entire length of the hair as well as on the head’s skin. Cover your head with a plastic hat and leave for 40 minutes. Then rinse the mask with lukewarm water and wash your hair with shampoo, as usual.

When it comes to the hairstyle, make sure to keep it on minimum. During the summer it is necessary to wash it more often, so use shampoos without susulfate and all the light alternatives. Also, avoid heat, blowing or straightening as this can further damage your hair and make it fragile and lifeless.

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