Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Planet

Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Planet

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Need to think farther from sustainability

We don’t want to admit it, but humanity has reached the turning point. Our soil is worn out, tired. Our crops are only half of what the world had fifty years ago, and judging by the speed of degradation, we could soon be in a state of a massive existential crisis. Men took all the wealth of nature at his disposal and gladly turned it into his sources. Seems like it is time to get back the debt. Is there any chance to shift something that has always been one-sided taking, into a flow of natural energy? To give every living being, stone, sky, its place under the sun? We know that organic food is only a small part in the fight to recover the soil we are using. But, the whole innovative system called regenerative agriculture can bring enormous changes.

What exactly is regenerative agriculture?

Many modern farming systems have largely destroyed the ecosystem, causing the greenhouse effect and less nutrition in foods.

Regenerative agriculture is, at the very least, a revolution in the way food is produced on farms. This can be a potential solution to the climate and food crisis in the world.

The land is a living thing that breathes and should be treated so. Regenerative agriculture aims to restore health to our soil, helping to change climate change and improving our food system in this process. What is fascinating is the fact that our land is capable of pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing more nutritious food.

This can be achieved using compost instead of synthetic fertilizer, rotating crops or cross-linking. Every farm is unique. Therefore, we need to focus on the outcomes, not just the practice.

Sara Newmark, the pioneer of the new regenerative agriculture movement

Sara Newmark is the VP of Social Impact in  Megafood, a producer of dietary supplements from organic food. They are supporting new trends in food production. She thinks it is necessary to start from zero. And if it seems that farmers will lose their jobs, regenerative agriculture is a task for everyone – from those who bring laws to the farmer.

Her company has already joined the Carbon Soil Initiative. Also, the Standard of Healthy Farms has been developed, through which farmers can measure the effect of renewal during the year, as even the performance of the implemented reference agriculture.

Join big companies that have already become part of the regenerative agriculture movement

Large companies such as General Mills, Danone, Dr. Bronner’s, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s are investing one million hectares in renewable agriculture. And they are really focused on how to support regenerative farmers and become part of the new team.

Everything must happen incredibly fast. There is not much time left. Sara Newmark thinks that it is necessary to get involved in a large number and massively change the habits of the past. Listening to the needs of every farmer is essential. Having more ecologically conscious food companies, also. In the end, the new initiative seeks a place in politics, that is, a fraction that will lobby for regenerative agriculture in order to find it, as soon as possible, in the corresponding laws.

As consumers, we can also take a significant role. You can pinpoint petitions for the sustainability of environmental standards, the introduction of new sustainability systems, the regenerative agriculture, and so on. We are all purchasing certified products of renowned brands, but if we raise awareness and buy food with an indication on the label on nature conservation, organic and healthy food, in that way we would best start manufacturers to join movements such as this intended for the adoption of regenerative agriculture.

Keep in mind, we spent a lot. We did very little. The planet Earth is rich in waters, forests, productive soil, but nothing lasts forever. Therefore, we must take care of the Earth as we take care of each other. We must give her a chance to regenerate for future generations.

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