Relieve Tooth Abscesses Using Natural Medicaments

Relieve Tooth Abscesses Using Natural Medicaments

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When it comes to toothaches, we already know how painful and unpleasant it is, but this kind of tooth issue should be taken more seriously! If you want to prevent further complications that may ensue, visit and consult your doctor, because one of the possible risks is that it may cost you your life. Besides the specific treatment your doctor prescribes, you can ease up the tooth pain with some natural remedies you could probably find at home.

What is an abscessed tooth and what causes it?

An abscessed tooth means that the tooth’s root might be infected or the part where the gums and the root coalesce. The leading cause of it that appears due to certain gum diseases or severe dental cavity. Along with the bad breath and intolerable levels of pain, it can as well provoke fever, swollen lymph nodes in your mouth and a general feeling of slackness.

Natural remedies for tooth pain relief

After we have mentioned all the possible dangers, it is essential that the doctor provides a proper treatment for the disease may expand to a more substantial degree and affect your bones. So, do not take any sort of pain for granted, for it may cost you your life! Instead, along with the doctor’s treatment for your tooth,  choose some of the natural remedies you can find at home:

1.Garlic – It may seem awful to you, but neglect that fact and peel a clove of garlic chewing it or putting it on the abscessed tooth. Then, leave it on the tooth for a few minutes so it can absorb the garlic’s oil properly. As a substitute, you can use garlic’s oil in supplement capsule if you find it a better solution.

2.Clove – It is very familiar and one of the favorite herbs used for cooking, but also a great natural cure for the abscessed tooth. All you have to do is chew one whole clove, and let its juice rests in the mouth for some time, for it will provide the more significant effect.

3.Apple cider vinegar – Vinegar is used for rinsing your mouth, using 1 tablespoon of it, but make sure it is unfiltered. Place it in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth, repeating the process three times a day. You can also drink the mentioned mixture in the morning as a prevention to the disease.

4.Salt – Except the apple cider vinegar, it is generally known that salt is also used for rinsing nose or mouth cavity. The method is straightforward, just dissolve 1 teaspoon of little salt in a glass with warm water and do the rinsing. Repeat this procedure whenever you want to rinse your mouth or infected areas or as a prevention to the abscessed tooth.

5.Baking soda – Another ingredient that goes along with water, and already used in baking and cooking, is a baking soda. As in the process of mixing salt and water, do the same with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and warm water and then rinse your mouth thoroughly and finally spit it out.

6.Turmeric – It is obvious how ingredients and herbs used in cooking are actually real and natural remedies, always available to us, which is a great thing. Turmeric is also an excellent medicament for the cleansing of infections that come as a result of the abscessed tooth. All you need is a half of teaspoon of turmeric and a few drops of water. This mixture should be applied after brushing your teeth, directly on the abscessed area. Wait for about half an hour and then rinse the mouth with water.

7.Peppermint essential oil – It is generally known that peppermint relieves or takes away different sorts of pain, and that is why we mention it here too. And if you prefer essential oils, search for this one also, for it is beneficial. Just put a few drops on the abscessed tooth and wait for instant relief from pain.

You can use these simple ingredients and advice to help you reduce the pain, but if it gets more serious consult your doctor until it is too late.

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