Remove Cellulite With DIY Coffee Scrub

Remove Cellulite With DIY Coffee Scrub

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There is almost no woman who can claim she is absolutely free of cellulite. The cosmetics industry, as well as healthcare, cannot precisely answer the question of why cellulite occurs, nor how to eliminate it. This is why this issue is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet when the members of the beautiful sex are in question. The market offers various products, tips, even laser interventions. However, this is a phenomenon that does not appear for one night, nor can quickly disappear, either. It is the best option to treat it with natural elements and do it daily. We will present one of the best DIY coffee scrubs that has shown a lot of success.

First, we will try to find out where the problem comes from. What is actually cellulite? This phenomenon is caused by a subcutaneous discharge of fat tissue into the bone, skin layer. It appears due to reduced blood flow in the area, which decreases the production of collagen and lymphatic drainage. It can happen for several reasons: wearing tight clothes, age, lousy nutrition, genetic predisposing, sex, ethnicity, activities – all this contributes to cellulite.

In order to significantly reduce this phenomenon, it is necessary to recall the following collagen. Alongside the expensive treatments and cosmetics, there are home remedies for cellulite that work well in combination with healthy nutrition and exercise; dry brushing that increases lymph drainage, exfoliation made from home-made foods, or, for example, excellent and highly effective cellulite scrub.

Let’s take a look at this great DIY coffee scrub for cleaning the skin that removes cellulite.

DIY coffee scrub for anti cellulite treatment

Coffee scrub will not eliminate the cellulite from your life, but it will definitely reduce its unattractive appearance. Coffee itself has a double effect on the skin. The sandy structure will give the surface the effect of peeling, while caffeine helps dilate the blood vessels, and it also tightens the skin.

Coffee cleanses two main mechanisms: the direct influences of caffeine on fat tissue and the results of massage. If you apply massage and light movements when using DIY coffee scrub, tissue edema decreases and the activity of collagen (keratinocytes) necessary for skin elasticity. At the same time, the activity of fat cells or adipocytes will be significantly reduced.

Other ingredients that can be added to this home-made coffee scrub are coconut oil, sugar, cinnamon, essential oils.

Coconut oil to maintain the moisture of the skin and is known as fantastic body care. Sugar helps improve skin peeling. Cinnamon oil will speed up blood vessels, giving the skin a complex plumping effect.

Use this coffee scrub in anti-cellulite treatment 2 to 3 times a week and see positive results already in the last month.

How to make a DIY coffee scrub?

The preparation of this home-made scrub is very simple. It takes only 5 minutes.

Take 1 cup of coffee and half a cup of coconut oil. For a more significant pilling effect, add a big grain sugar to a mixture. Mix it all, then add a few (not more than 8) drops of cinnamon oil. This quantity should be less if your skin is sensitive. Finally, add 8 drops of vanilla extract or 1 teaspoon of culinary vanilla.

This coffee scrub is best kept in glass jars in the refrigerator as it contains essential oils. However, due to the more practical use, it can also be stored in a plastic case. If it is stored at a low temperature, it is possible to use coffee scrub for up to a year.

How to use a DIY coffee scrub against cellulite

It is recommended that the mixture is used after showering. Massage the coffee scrub in areas where you have cellulite, these are mainly the buttocks and thighs. The movements should be more intense and stronger but do not exaggerate the skin, especially if it is already sensitive. Rinse and dry. Coffee scrub to dry on, so it is smart to use a great moisturizing body cream after it.

The variation of coffee, sugar, and intensity, the massage should be adjusted to the skin type. For more sensitive skin, select finely ground coffee or smaller grain sugar. If redness on the skin does not stop, or there is a crack or bleeding, we advise you not to use this coffee scrub.

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