Say “I Love You” Without Saying “I Love You”

Say “I Love You” Without Saying “I Love You”

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Sometimes it makes us feel that the world has become a too cold place controlled by all other things except true and sincere emotions. However, what we guard in our four walls, in our fortress, at the end of an exhausting day is the only thing we need. The warm look of a loved one, a gentle smile and a question: how was your day? And if the words “I love you” after many have lost their depth and importance, every human being seeks to be loved  and to give it to someone. We are tired, filled with responsibilities, worries, stress. Maybe ” I love you ” did not come out of fashion, maybe it turned out to be too expensive words of which many are scared.

People differ in their emotions. For some, the daily dose of the sweet blast of love words is a regular thing. Others, however, are more likely harder to show what they really feel. In such disruptions, couples often lose their sense and faith in their it. The relationship, no matter how functional it is, must be upbringing and you always must give your loved person the reason to stay. If these three words are still taboo for you, there are other ways to tell someone that you care.

“I am here for you.”

For the person who loves you, this means the world. Knowing that you stand next to her or him, in good and bad is one of the greatest confirmations of it. Relationship or marriage is precisely based on this foundations.

Everyone has his own personal tragedy, sad day, a problem at work or just a lousy- hair-day. Having friends, lovers, companions, who go with you through the walls makes you stronger and more impenetrable. I love you – and just as the task is done.

“You matter.”

In moments of rage, insensitive fights, and frustration do not let things slip out of your hand. Sometimes the silence is what pushes a beloved person out of our lives, and then it’s too late even for “I love you.” But the words “you matter to me” can turn a whole world around. They are often enough if they are sincere and expressed at the right moment. Leave aside friends, fun, an unforgettable love stories from your past. Look at the person in front of you. Tell her that she is important, her presence, her attention, and company.

“Just hug me.”

Besides, if the proof of love is that you will be with your partner whenever necessary, the huge evidence of love is if you show her or him, that you need her too. A hug is the most beautiful way to say “I love you” without any single word. Body touch and vibration that means everything will be fine, we can do it all together. Those who have ever been in love know that the whole universe stays in one embrace. This volume of emotions is worth more than a million words.

No relationship exists without its bad days. Nor is there such a loud “I Love You” that will preserve what has never been true. If you love a person next to you, do not be afraid to surround it with love, no matter how much you get in return. Love is the most beautiful thing you can give to the world, even if you have a whole life to be soundless about it.

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