Scientific evidence that children do not like eating vegetables – It’s part of evolution and human DNA

Scientific evidence that children do not like eating vegetables – It’s part of evolution and human DNA

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It’s in human nature, not to like vegetables too much

When you start to sneak your offspring around the table with sparrows in your hands screaming at them to eat healthily, does it pass through your head, an image of you as a child while your parents are trying to force you to eat everything green from the plate or you can not go outside to play? Remember how you blubbered, hoping they’ll finally give up? Do you treasure the first time you tasted beer or coffee? This smirk on your face, both for you and your children, is a funny moment that stays forever. Children do not like vegetables – that’s the fact. Children must eat vegetables – this is a reference very close to becoming the obligation. However, do not be too strict on the kids, because they have the ultimate explanation why they have so much aversion to the vegetables – it’s in DNA.

Scientists working on food research have come to the indisputable conclusions that there are actually objective aspects of the repulsion to certain foods that depend on a lot of factors, among which the age of the one who consumes them. Children have more sensitive receptors and senses, so their reactions to specific tastes are more pronounced. On the other hand, the adult has the awareness and the possibility of choosing a meal, while in children it is not possible to do so.

Fact No. 1 – Evolution has taught us that bitterness and sourness is generally harmful

Through evolution, humans developed individual sensors that are simply automatically activated to protect us against various toxic effects. Reflex is one of them. When it comes to vegetables and foods at all, a man developed a mechanism in the genes to react to a bitter or sour taste. Suppose that what’s bitter is not good. It can be poisonous or corrupt. Bitterness is a warning sign.

Coffee or tea contains caffeine, which, by its composition and taste, is bitter, from where they stir up a booming children’s reaction, but at the first sip. Most types of vegetables carry a certain bitterness, an unpleasant taste that triggers an alarm for children. Its response to the rejection of this food is actually conditioned by their DNA structure and is an entirely natural defensive system when finding in “danger.” As we mentioned, children are more sensitive to tastes, while adults can even enjoy a bitter or sour taste, aware of the health effects of some foods and benefits that the veggies have for their organism.

Fact # 2 – We never hunt or seek for plants

If we look back to evolution, the plants were always everywhere around us. A man has tamed them, cultivated them. That is why the development of the human species marked the vegetables as “boring” food. Remember once again when you were children. What are you most craving for? Usually, it was some chocolate or food with too much sugar that you should eat only on special occasions. This unavailability makes taste irresistible. The time you spend waiting for a moment to try it enhances the taste of food many times.

And finally, the question arises whether we actually like to consume the vegetables? Of course, we are aware of its health performance. It makes our figure attractive. It’s good for hair, skin, eyesight, digestion … Maybe broccoli is delicious. We drink beer to cheer us up. Coffee gives us potent energy. And if our brain receives information that taste in our mouth is bitter, our consciousness continues to consume. Why? Because an adult can understand that bitterness is not harmful.

Children will always hate green soup and a plate full of vegetables. You will always try to trick them by camouflaged flavors, colors, and shapes. And if it is healthy for all of us, you will admit, it is so luscious sometimes to skip it and get one of those colorful and tasty ice creams. Same, for children and adults.

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