A Sense of Humor is a Ticket to Success – Funny People are Happier and Smarter

A Sense of Humor is a Ticket to Success – Funny People are Happier and Smarter

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A sense of humor is not just social skill, it is a talent. Many describe it as a genetic, mental ability and intellectual property that is specific and unique to each person. With this, a man is either born or never succeeds to gain it in life. It is a capability to evoke positive from your everyday life, to cheer people around you, but also to laugh sincerely. Everyone wants to be near a funny person. No matter how serious the moment is, there is always a space for good humor, even if it is a little bit dark.

A sense of humor and intelligence

Many studies show that funny people have a higher IQ, especially those who are prone to black humor. Plus, every person is likely to make jokes and laugh is happier and less stressed.

It has been scientifically proven that laughter relieves the dopamine, hormones that makes us happy and satisfy. Not only that produces a sense of satisfaction, but dopamine stimulates brain learning centers. People become more creative and flexible for learning. It makes more space for creation, thinking and new knowledge.

Albert Einstein was famous for his childish sense of humor. The greatest mind in history liked to make jokes, even looked a kind of silly.

A sense of humor and the attraction of the opposite sex

It is accurately associated with high emotional and cognitive intelligence. From this comes the fact that funny people are immensely likable for society, also the attractive partners in love.

In every study of attraction, almost all respondents, whether women or men, point out that the sense of humor is one of the main conditions for attraction and relationship with another person.

Funny people are extrovert, open and accessible. They will always show evident satisfaction in every aspect, including the essential – physical contact. Further, they share positive attitudes, and their company is pleasant (we are talking about “positive style of humor”). They use the dialogue and laughs to circumvent the conflicts and improve each conversation. The opposite half sees these qualities as very attractive. Emotional intelligence and self-confidence even in psychological assessment means that such a person is pretty to others.

A sense of humor and a successful career

Funny people have verbal and non-verbal intelligence. They are trusting persons and always act reliable and competent for doing the jobs they are doing. All successful leaders have a good sense of humor. They are the best bosses. Professors who share a laugh with their students also have a more significant influence on them than those who are too serious. Students are attending such lectures more often and with great care.

The fun will make every group of people more productive. Humor extends us aspects, gives positive thoughts and makes such an atmosphere where it is easy to be creative and innovative. Equally, it is not difficult to fulfill the assigned tasks.

The sense of humor will definitely give shape to your character. It is an excellent ticket to which you can play mostly throughout your entire life. It’s good fortune to have such a gift. However, some people are prone to a different kind of humor, sarcasm or irony. These people share the same intellectual abilities, but the dark humor is often associated with some other emotional states, such as anger or depression.

Being a funny person means being a happy person and living a quality life. Maybe it’s not every day a sunny day, and perhaps we all have millions of problems, but if you manage to make at least one person to smile, your day was quite successful, you should believe in that.

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